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    Why you don’t have to go custom on your dispensary shelving

    Design Credit: Rose Ink Workshop

    Clearly, humans are highly visual in nature, we shop with our eyes first. This fact is particularly important when you’re running a dispensary. You want to create an immersive shopping experience which encourages people to touch and feel your products. This is easy to do in a sunglass store, but in cannabis, hemp or cbd shops with hefty regulations this can be more difficult to achieve. So the first thing you need to do is to merchandise your product in an organized, beautiful way that shows your customer you are more than a passing through kind of place.

    It can be tricky picking the right shelving fixtures and (trust me) it’s super obvious when they look wrong. (Too small for the wall, wrong style, unshoppable, ridiculous to keep clean.)
    We’re going to share some of our go-to favorite retail shelving and sources and talk about retail vs. custom and when to do what.

    Ready made shelving and furniture is anything you order direct from the vendor. This includes all online resources as well as any local retail furniture stores.

    When to buy ready made?

    • Size or options like finish and fabrics are available
    • You’re in a hurry
    • Your budget is tight

    When to go Custom?

    • You want a unique look or size you can’t find anywhere else
    • This is a WOW piece & you are ok spending a little more
    • You have some talented connections who can make this happen

    Sungrown Studio, Blossom

    Purchasing retail display fixtures may seem simple and less hassle, but you may be surprised what a good contractor or fabricator can do with a few drawings and some great ideas. If you have an odd wall, non-standard size or want some special features like built in signage and lighting, you may want to skip the exhausting retail search and move straight to custom. Here’s a great custom shelving fixture we had created from our shop drawings.

    Sungrown Studio; Flora Terra

    We love lighting in units and try to use them whenever possible. They frame & highlight your product in a subtle, eye catching way. This unit is great with locked storage below. Keeps the shelves looking stocked, organized and not cluttered.

    You might be surprised to learn that custom fixtures are often faster to make and install than purchasing ready made. Of course it will depend on your design (how complicated) and if materials are readily available. You will save time on the shipping end of the process, and we all know how lead times (and shipping costs) have ballooned this year.

    Maybe you’ve found a good retail option that fits perfectly in your space and your budget. Go for it! Have your contractor double check your measurements and maybe do a ‘tape on the floor’ plan to lay it all out.

    Photo Credit: Spiritleaf, Canada

    Here is a great example of when to use a retail fixture with semi custom details- Locked and lit wall cases with logo plates added. This simple dispensary keeps it simple with its symmetrical wall cases.

    Things to think about when buying retail:

    • Human scale- can your customers and employees easily reach what you’re selling? What goes way on the top shelf? Will your hottest sellers fit on the eye level shelves?
    • Who is going to put them together? Is white glove assembly and delivery available?
    • How is the durability/quality? (This is a HUGE issue.) Are you buying from a trusted retailer or some obscure internet site? What happens if it doesn’t fit or comes in damaged? How can it be returned?
    • Can you get a quantity discount if you purchase multiples?

    The right fixtures beg for the right merchandising- top to bottom. Have you checked out our freebie guide to displaying product for maximum profit? If you haven’t, please do! It’s an essential tool for cleaning up the fixtures you have or planning for your new dispensary.