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    Why Now is a Great Time to Start a Business

    Photo credit: iStock/Izabela Habur

    During a global pandemic?

    This is 2020, everything could go wrong.

    But but but…

    It’s Time to Take Out the Mind Trash

    Adults are expected to be perfect the first time they try something new. Kids? I mean can you imagine being a toddler, trying to walk, falling down and saying “Well, I guess I’ll just crawl for the rest of my life.” Getting on a bike? Swimming? No way. Why as adults are we expected to be perfect the first time around? I feel that this fear of failure really holds us back from starting our dream businesses.

    I believe in learning along the way and failing your way to success. I believe that if you can fail in small ways, you’re just going to get better and better. Those little blips will all be moments leading up to your success story. Every successful person has failed along the way.

    The stigma surrounding CBD/Hemp/Cannabis is strong. There are going to be people who don’t agree with your decision to start a business in this industry. It is so important to align yourself with people who believe in you, even if they don’t agree with your path. Holding true to your authentic beliefs is a key to a successful life, personal and professional.

    One of the things I do with my business coaching and private clients is an exercise called Fear Setting. (I know, sounds scary.) Basically, I take you through all the things YOU think might go wrong when starting a business, what’s the worst that could happen? The really cool part is when I lead you through all the things that could go RIGHT.

    No, seriously, hear me out on this one.

    Disrupt Your Own Life

    There are no guarantees in life. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. Your life could be disrupted in some way, so why not disrupt your own life, on your terms? Here are some really important points to think about when mulling over if now is the right time.

    Everyone is online. Right now. If your business can be virtual, now is the time to capture that customer and show yourself to them. People are working from home, quarantine etc. and basically they’re online WAY more than normal. It’s a perfect time to make your website, develop a marketing plan and go for it.

    You may need to hire some help, maybe a social media person, copywriter or web team. Labor is less expensive right now due to the recession. You will pay more if you wait, so start now. Guess what? You don;t need to rent an office either. Everyone is working from home right now and the norm of an office is disappearing. Save that cash and invest it in yourself.

    We need you now. Your vision, your viewpoint. There is an abundance of negativity out there and we could use more people doing the right thing.

    You will wish you had started earlier. The cost of waiting is greater than the risk now. Ask any business owner- they will tell you they wish they had taken the leap sooner, to enjoy the rewards of success sooner.

    All the big guys- IBM, Netflix, Uber, Disney, Airbnb and loads more started during a recession. They all started out by taking a deep breath and digging in, just like you are.

    If you’ve felt that you’re meant for something more, could be doing something that aligns better with your beliefs and visions, or maybe you just want to do things your way for a change, now is the time.

    I can help you, guide you through the process of making your goals and dreams a reality.

    I created a 10 step/ 18 page guide to growing your cannabis/cbd/hemp business. Free. You can also catch me LIVE on instagram every Friday at noon Pacific time where I discuss topics like charging your worth, taking out your mind trash, and how to accomplish major goals in minimal time. Join me!

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