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Why cannabis retail design may be critical to protecting your investment

Sungrown Studio, Bud Express, Michigan

If you’ve been in the industry longer than a minute, you are well aware of all the financial risk involved and the tireless work put into getting to the grand opening day. You’ve probably needed to invest in resources you didn’t even think about in the beginning to get you to the place you are today.

You likely didn’t go it alone either. Your attorney protected your business interests and prepared necessary documents for you. Your security team made sure you were compliant and will be protected in the event of theft. Your accountants, bookkeepers, banks and lenders secured and maintained your finances. Insurance agent? Yes. You probably even hired someone to create and manage your branding and packaging. The list can go on and on of who you’ve trusted to make sure your investment is gaining returns and growing.

So… who did your design?

How did you figure out what it would look like? How did you specify everything for your contractors pre-build out while still keeping tabs on your budget and timeline? How did you narrow down all those dreamy ideas into a solid plan for your space? Did you know where the cash wrap should go? Or did you decide to leave it where the previous tenant had it just because you weren’t sure and didn’t want to make a costly mistake?

These are just tiny pieces of what we do as medical and recreational cannabis & hemp interior designers. Looking at the whole picture- our design expertise protects your interior investment much in the same way as the other people on your team have protected you. You rely on us to make important decisions on time and under budget. Many many new owners don’t really have a good sense of what it costs to build & furnish a dispensary. Luckily, we have years in the industry and created a free budget tool to show you typical dispensary design costs.

Medical Marijuana Business Daily stated that real estate and renovations are one of the largest costs for marijuana businesses. Dispensary owners said that they spend more on real estate and renovations during their start-up phase than any other expense. If you’ve been through it before, you know this is true. The components of that huge cost include equipment purchases like furniture, office supplies, display cases, shelving, computers, and storage pieces as their biggest purchases.

So why would you be ok with risking that?

Cannabis specific Interior Designers save you time and money. We can find you better pricing, better resources and access to things usually reserved for the trade. Being specific to this industry, we know what works, what doesn’t and how to select perfect finishes and furniture that will be long lasting, energy efficient and wont go out of style. We manage the traffic flow of your customers and can plan a great layout for not only those busy rushes, but deter theft. Not only that, we have a pulse on the industry and how to make your space reflect your unique brand and story without being trendy or temporary. We take the costly guesswork out of ordering fixtures, picking finishes and making sure your contractor can actually build that gorgeous cash wrap counter.

Sungrown Studio Potters Dispensary

There is great value in redesigning an existing dispensary as well. It’ s never too late to go back and adjust your space to fit your growing needs, update your look or simply make the shop floor flow the right way, and hiring a professional designer is a great way to minimize your shops “out of order” time.