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    What’s your game? Where do you want to be next year at this time & 5 things you can do NOW to get there

    Now that you’ve packed up the pumpkins and Halloween decor, you’re probably bracing yourself for the mad holiday rush. And maybe you’re also getting deep and thinking about all the things that didn’t go as planned this year, like that week sales tanked due to weather or when a slow Monday became a short staffed, mad rush. Are you reflecting on all the things, the details, you wished you had worked on- those little (or maybe not so little) things you put off doing? The things you know would make a huge difference in your personal life or career? Or maybe it’s a big thing like signing a lease to a new location or hunting down a new cannabis license?

    I do it too.
    We all do.

    This is why the January 1, New Year’s resolutions explode for most people and small businesses. Fresh year, fresh start. We got this etc. But here’s the thing- What if you started on it now? You would be 60 days ahead of everyone waiting until the new year. November is a great time to dream big about where you want to be next year at this time and also a great time to put your goals, big or small, into action.

    If you’re dreaming big, then you’re probably having a hard time figuring out where to start. Break it down. Sort your goals into two smaller bite sized categories:

    • Internal: These goals are things like practical sales goals, monthly, quarterly and annual targets to motivate the team and focus your purchasing and operations.
    • External: Everything in this category leads back to the customer experience. Customer service, retention, loyalty, product display and even store design. This is the personalized customer journey that attracts and brings customers back for more.

    If you’re reading this blog, odds are good that your goals are mostly external. So we’re going to focus on external goals I hear the most from potential clients, like these:

    You’re looking for ways to grow your cannabis business and improve the experience for the customers you have now.

    You’ve outgrown your tiny space and see the need for a bigger sales floor, fulfillment area and vault. You’ve finally got the capitol to upgrade your location and match your style to your brand.

    What can you do about it right now without a huge financial commitment?

    Interview a Cannabis Consultant. Especially if a retail cannabis dispensary licence is your goal. Check to see not only their success rates, but if their values align with yours. How many hours will they spend with you? What resources do they bring to the table? Do they have great referrals for other trades you know you’ll need, like an architect or real estate agent? Do they offer implementation and operations support after you’re open?

    We have been carefully interviewing the best of the best cannabis consultants one by one so we can share their info when you need it. This extra step is so important to us, making sure that consultants we recommend to our clients share our values and goals for the industry and that they have the exact skills you’re looking for. If you’d like to get access to our list when it’s ready, you can sign up here.

    Call a Cannabis Real Estate Agent in your desired location. They can email you properties and give you a clear picture of what you will be looking at financially and realistically. They can filter and sort with a critical eye which will save you time and resources.

    Interview Architects. You will need an Architect if you are building ground up or have a space that needs renovations involving city permits. (which is usually all renovations.) Are you redesigning your exterior facade, moving interior walls or possibly structural components? Make sure they have dispensary experience and are well versed in the city and state regulations. Get referrals from real estate agents or your cannabis consultant.

    Hash out a budget. Do you know how much a new space (or a renovation), operations and inventory will cost? This is a huge piece of setting your goals in motion, making sure you’ve got the capital you need to get started. While we can’t really help you with inventory or ops, we do have a great, budget tool to help you break down what to expect to spend on all aspects of your build.

    Book your Design Map Session. Having a solid plan with a cannabis specific retail interior designer sets you up for success. We talk about who your customer is, what are your struggles now and where you want to see yourself in the near future. You’ll learn about what it’s really like working with us and set your goals in motion with our clear process. We work together to build your dream space, on time and on budget.