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    What Happened At The 2020 ICBC San Francisco…

    International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) took place at the Hilton Union Square Hotel on the 6th and 7th of this month and the Sungrown team (CEO, Melanie Coddington and Marketing Lead, Aisha Ataka) had to check it out. Being a part of the thriving California cannabis community is incredible, especially knowing how much this industry has grown and will continue to thrive.

    We started things off by attending the VIP Reception on the 6th, the night before the conference. California’s cannabis market is the largest in the US, so being able to see so many pioneers in the industry, especially women who are creating a more inclusive mark in the industry was a great experience.

    Non-medical cannabis was legalized by California voters just 4 years ago, so being able to talk to Nancy Birnbaum of Sensi magazine who is creating a more educated discussion about cannabis and Ngaio Bealum, host of the hilarious Netflix series Cooking on High, the co-host of Cannabis Planet and publisher of West Coast Cannabis Magazine, made us really take in the fact that we are in the green rush!

    Sungrown Studio team with Andrew Gimmi of Valley CBD, Ngaio Bealum 

    The next day started with a welcome from Alex Rogers, the CEO and Executive Producer of the International Cannabis Business Conference, and then an address from Tulsi Gabbard who discussed the Federal Cannabis Policy Reform. We learned a lot about the ever changing world of policies, and Gabbard’s point about the nation being ready for more progressive cannabis reforms was great to hear from a government official!

    Lori Ajax of California Bureau of Cannabis Control and David Downs of Leafly had a great one-on-one interaction where they unpacked the regulation process of the cannabis industry, which also worked well with a later panel hosted by Nic Easley, CEO of 3C Consulting and CEO & Managing Director of Multiverse Capital, which looked at the types of businesses that will remain profitable with the restructuring that comes about with legalization.

    The panel after was about community and communication, which was very up our alley. With industry leaders, Rebecca Forée (CDFA CalCannabis), Jerred Kiloh (The Higher Path, President of UCBA), Ruben Honig (Ceres) and Terra J. Carver (Humboldt County Growers Alliance-HCGA) and Alex Traverso from the Bureau of Cannabis Control as the panel moderator, we learned a lot about their background and their drive for a more compassionate cannabis industry.

    We were impressed with everyone’s attention to the history of cannabis that brought us to these more open conversations, and Jerred Kiloh mentioned the strides medical marijuana went through to get commercial cannabis become the entity it now is. We got to chat after the panel with Terra Carver, who fun fact is a Humboldt local like Melanie!


    Aside from the panels, we really enjoyed seeing the vendors and exhibitions of the latest inventions in the industry. Consultants, media companies, entrepreneurs and manufactures of all kinds gathered in the hall next door to happily elaborate about their products and share their excitement about being in San Francisco for the conference.

    To end our coverage of the event, we sign off with gratitude for us being based in California, for we really are the pioneers of the cannabis movement which is here to not only stay but also to thrive. It was amazing meeting all the entrepreneurs and manufacturers. We all have the collective goal of seeing cannabis shaking away the taboo that belongs in the past and being a plant beloved by all.

    Sungrown Studio is a women operated and run cannabis dispensary design studio that believes in excellent luxury design with equity and heart. 

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