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    Vending & Lockers in Cannabis

    WOW. We live in a world where you can order something online and pick it up in 20 minutes from a locker. The abstract “employee-less” concept of point of sale used to turn some people off. Guess what happened? A global pandemic requiring minimal contact. Not just for amazon grocery items anymore, cannabis orders make their way into secure lockers for a quick and easy pickup. Smart vending machines specifically designed for this industry lend themselves very well to not only the product, but the environment they live in.

    They’re sleek and modern looking- nothing like their cafeteria ancestors. They scan ID’s, track purchases and inventory, can hold 80+ skus and also keep products at an optimal temperature. Many are capable of recommending products based on a customer’s past purchases.

    Spendy? Yes. Many cannabis vending machines run $16k and up depending on functionality and size. Other obstacles include legislation. Canada’s Cannabis Act prohibits selling cannabis through a self serve display or a dispensing device.

    Imagine your store is packed and your budtenders are having a rough time keeping up with the traffic flow. Wouldn’t it be great if you could redirect 5 people out of line and they could get exactly what they need from a kiosk? Everyone appreciates the self-serve these days.


    Fulfillment areas can be a disaster, especially without the right planning. Crammed product and employees scrambling to fill orders and pickup customers standing around waiting or clogging up the general check in space.

    Pickup lockers are a great way to manage the customers and an easy way for employees to safely store orders. Secure and accessible, customers love them- especially when they have easy access. A great location within your space can make a pickup locker a lifesaver. We know the way in which people shop has changed. Maybe not as drastic as the requirements of covid, but we really feel that many practices will stand and online ordering is going to get easier and faster. Order fulfillment and pickup strategies will have to keep up.

    Grasshopper was one of the first and arguably the best name in compliant cannabis specific pickup lockers. They are made in varying capacities, sizes and colors. Their other products such as payment terminals, order tablets and kiosks integrate with each other. Their pickup lockers start around $8k.

    Grasshopper pickup locker

    A great floor plan will take into consideration things like order fulfillment, customer flow (online and instore) social distancing and also taking a bit of the load off of your busy bud tenders. Are you planning your new dispensary space and aren’t sure how much this is all going to cost? Check out our free Sample Budget download! Ready to talk to us about your vision? Book a Design Map Session with your designer- we would love to hear from you!