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    Unforgettable first impressions, crushworthy check ins and waiting rooms

    Sungrown Studio Twig; Ann Arbor

    The waiting room may not be the destination point for your customer, but it is and should be a memorable part of their experience. This is a great place to not only make a first impression as the face of your dispensary brand, but a place to generate business, connect with the caregiver or customer and welcome them to your family. The waiting room & checkout area should speak to who you are and be an appetizer to the entre in the next room. This is where the customer will first decide “I belong here and I want to support this place.”

    Many times waiting rooms and check-in’s are thought of a necessity that meets the regs but really just eats up floor space. True, we hear you. But it can also be a great opportunity as well. Selfie walls, iPads loaded to today’s menu or a hot product you’re featuring. While waiting your customers could order from you online, then be called back to order fulfillment and pick it up.

    Lets not forget the friends & family who may actually be waiting in the waiting room for the medical patient guest. We want them to be moderately entertained and definitely comfortable. I’m super aware when I’m waiting forever on an uncomfortable chair looking at a grey wall. Flipside, I‘m super content to browse products, add ons & reviews in a relaxing space with a comfy chair and a good vibe. We all feel this way, and it matters all the way to the checkout.

    So how do we create that awesome first impression?

    Crush Worthy Check In

    Airfield Supply Company, Santa Clara CA

    Logo and vibe are front and center in this modern dispensary entry. Clean, organized and simple. A great space for an employee to connect and engage with the customer, scan their ID and direct them to the waiting area. We love the extra space here allowing for social distancing, ADA space and just a nice breeze way into the nearby area. We also love a desk style check in, especially where space is tight. You don’t have to go crazy with the budget at the check in reception. It is a great place for an oversized logo presented in a fun way.

    Dispensary 33; Chicago IL

    OK Waiting Room, Now Where Do I Sit?

    Most of my fave scientific studies involve human nature and how and why we do the things we do. It goes back to the cave days, but humans like to have an eye on the entry door when they are waiting and will 90+% of the time sit on an end of a bench or sofa vs. a middle. Anytime we humans are forced to go against what we innately prefer, we feel uncomfortable. When I am designing a waiting space, I never pick a two-seater bench. Three minimum or one yes, but for some reason two is just too close. (Even pre-covid we all have a subconscious natural social distance tendency.) Single chairs are great and also work well for planning out ADA space and accessibility.

    Beautiful bench from Tonton Architonic

    A few unique and inspiring waiting rooms for you to check out-

    Liberty, Philadelphia PA

    People’s OC; Santa Ana CA

    Think of the waiting room as a space and not only a client to check in with your dispensary,, but to check into their social media accounts. What’s the first thing you do after you sit down in a waiting room? Yep. Check your IG, check in on FB or check twitter. The literal checking in. So planning for that moment, why not give your guests something fun to check in with? Maybe its a selfie wall complete with #’s and your logo.

    The check in and waiting area is the first impression for your customer and visitors. Make it reflect your brand and think of it as the visual point of sale.