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    Finding the right space for your retail dispensary is a daunting task. Factors like budget, opening date, amount of construction needed or the location all come into play in a big way when deciding on a space. If you’re in a strip mall, windowless rectangle you might feel like the space will never achieve the look you want. That’s where a great design comes in. When we tackle tough spaces, we make sure we always:

    Accentuate the positives & use them to their absolute fullest

    Think bigger & get creative

    Maximize a minimal space


    Ok, so a pre license client came to us with a potential property. It was in a great location but was rough around the edges. It was a former car-detailing shop and office. I’ll just show you some pics…


    This would send a lot of owners running, but again, he loved the location and could see some potential. It was half gutted already, has a nice parking lot and enough space. We quickly worked on the plan, and found a secret gem…. those two entry doors. They’re not gorgeous but when mirrored the right way on the sales floor, they create an amazing entry/exit experience for the customer and a great funnel for placing product. Huge wall for a potential show stopping mural. The maze style impulse item walk- through dual functions as “one more” shopping and a great social distancing measure. Check it out-


    If you’re looking for a space and having a hard time, how about a unique space that goes way beyond the usual? Fire stations, sorority houses, coffee shops & old houses- anywhere with good structural bones can be made a total destination dispensary. Here’s a few to get you thinking-

    Photo Credit; Cannabliss & Co. Fire Station 23, Portland OR

    ^Yes, they kept the original fire pole!

    Photo Credit, Cannabliss & Co., The Sorority House, Eugene OR

    Photo Credit Leafly, Discovery Bay Cannabis, Port Townsend WA

    ^ Seriously, it’s an old train car repurposed into a dispensary. Little weird? Maybe. But EVERY customer review mentions the cool location. That’s the epitome of a destination shopping experience. 


    Credit: Sungrown Studio 

    Is your space considered “cozy”? It’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as it’s functioning to its highest potential. Every square foot matters in a small space, so many times owners try to cram as much product everywhere they can. This leads to the cluttered, unfocused space that turns customers off and makes the employees’ job way harder than it needs to be. Merchandising in a small space is ultra important, making sure your highest profit margin items are in the hot locations. Hire a professional merchandiser if you aren’t sure where to start. If your space is small but your location is awesome, check out our past blog here where we dig into how to make the small space flow, function and flourish. 

    Got a space you’re considering that’s rough around the edges? Or a vision for a unique dispensary in a non-traditional space? Maybe you’re tight on space and in need of a killer floor plan?  Book your complimentary Discovery Call and talk through your vision with your designer. We would love to hear from you!