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Top Takeaways from our Women Who Lead in Weed Speaker Series

This past week I had the awesome experience of interviewing some amazing women in cannabis who are paving the way for other women in the industry and crushing it on their own terms. If you didn’t get a chance to watch us live inside the Women Who Lead in Weed group, I’ve jotted down some amazing points in the areas of website design and social media.

Just this past year, I revamped everything for both of my companies, Sungrown Studio and Coddington Design, Websites, Marketing and Social Media. I’ve braved and conquered (relatively hiccup free) facebook lives, Instagram stories and posts. It was a pretty large undertaking, but much needed and we are loving the results. My websites are pulling higher traffic, e-bast campaigns are getting more reads and my social media is gaining traction everyday.

So free advice from two top women in the industry? YES!

Amy Donahue is a social media guru specific to the cannabis industry. If you haven’t checked out her website or her blog, Hybrid Social, do it now. She has a unique and practical approach to throwing your online net wide and catching a huge following. Here are some of her best pieces of advice from our talk, and a link to the interview here.

  • Don’t ignore Twitter. It’s a super underutilized resource. If you’re not already there, you really need to be!
  • Sick of getting suspended from Instagram? You really do need to read their rules, even if you don’t want to. It’s not a waste of time. Example: Stock marijuana photos aren’t allowed. Maybe you were ditched due to an oversight? Keep your presence seen by sticking to the guidelines.
  • Focus your time on Social Media. Flipping between all your accounts isn’t a good practice. Amy recommends spending one hour a day on EACH of your channels. By dedicating time for review and directed posting, your Social Media will reflect your image and where you want to be.

Reagan Hatch is the co-owner of CannasiteCo., a team focused on building amazing, modern websites with transparency and responsiveness. I talked with Reagan about the 5 Musts for a Modern Website in 2020, some top mistakes to avoid and actionable tips to get you started now. You can watch the full video here, but here are the takeaways.

  • Keep your design simple. People want simplicity and access to what they want without frou frou. Just because you love someone else’s website, doesn’t mean it will serve your purpose.
  • Don’t overlook your content. You need lots of it! She recommends 300 words per page and they all need to be cohesive and support your brand and mission.
  • Know your audience when designing your modern website. They are the purpose of your website. Give them a clear path of action and an easy way to get started.
  • Been in business awhile? Revisit your brand. Make sure everything is aligned- colors, tone of your message, consistency and an up to date logo. Your brand needs to be a direct reflection of you, your mission and your business.

I loved talking with Amy & Reagan and hope you get a chance to watch the facebook lives- they offered great tips and truly care about women in weed and the future of the industry. Interested in free networking with more kick ass women on the frontlines of cannabis? Join my Facebook group, Women Who Lead in Weed. We switch it up every week and focus on what you need help with most.