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Three Easy Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales

We know this year hasn’t looked like previous years as far as cannabis sales pre-holiday. Maybe because you aren’t getting the usual foot traffic or you can’t keep products on the shelves? Did you have to abbreviate your normal open hours? Whatever the reason we have some tried and true, fool-proof ways to boost your dispensary sales and keep your season lit. Here are three to get you started.

#1 An Offer They Can’t Refuse

We know, online advertising is a nightmare. We’ve had trouble getting ads approved and we are interior designers who don’t even touch the plant. A great way to boost your foot traffic is to offer your customer something that costs you very little but adds a huge “wowza” factor to their experience. It can be as simple as offering curbside pickup, freebie merch with purchase (branded with your dispensary name/logo, of course.) Maybe a special VIP invite to a new product unveiling? It’s all about perceived value to the client. Ask yourself what will get them not only in the door but keep them coming back with friends and family.

The Pottery, Gray Area Agency

#2 Quick Dispensary Refresh

You may be thinking that NOW is not the time to be messing with displays or merchandise placement. Wrong. There’s a right way, but not a wrong time. Check your sales records and figure out what is your highest profit margin product. Edibles? Pre-rolls? Whatever the product may be, put them where the customer can’t miss them and don’t want to miss out on them. Highlight the product in some way, either with having your sales team funnel traffic to the hot spot or literally with lighting the shelf is some way. This can be an inexpensive picture or rope light. Anything you can do to visually draw your customer there will bump it to the top of the sales list. If you want a few more ideas on how to max what you have, read our past blog, Displaying Product for Maximum Profit.

Flora Terra; Sungrown Studio

#3 Free DIY PR

If you’re not spending an hour a day promoting your dispensary business on social media, you’re really missing a huge opportunity. FB, IG, Twitter, YouTube, all of them. Everyone is shopping online, or at least checking menus and figuring who is hot and where they want to spend their dollars. If you’re not hashtagging the hell out of yourself, you’re wasting free PR (public relations) and advertising. Is someone on your team a natural in front of the live camera? Have them talk about new products, upcoming promos or just about what you stand for or what’s going on in your neighborhood right now. Don’t worry about it being perfect, be deliberate with your message and consistent with your posts. Any connections you make are valuable. Turn likes into cash in the till.

We have been designing cannabis dispensaries for years and learn so much from each client we work with. We would love to share our expertise with you and your team to uplevel your dispensary or get you started with a new space. Book a Free Design Map Session to find out what we do and how we can help you.