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    The Basics – Why You Need a Coach

    A Business coach is someone who helps you clarify your goals for your business and then offers support, one on one or group meetings, and teaches you tried and true success formulas. A coach will be a guiding force throughout your career.


    Here are five great ways to find a coach who is the right fit for you and your goals:

    1. Find someone who has successfully done what you want to do. For example, one of my mentors, Tobi Fairley, figured out how to do virtual interior design and has a very successful online business.
    2. Find someone who you click with and who shares your values. I found my newest coach, Rachel Rodgers, because she went on an amazing rant about how white women aren’t doing enough and how some white business coaches were centering themselves and silencing their black members. She was angry, raw, and told it like it was- and I was just enamored. I went to her website and then I realized she teaches women (especially women of color) how to become millionaires. I was like, “YES, I want to learn from her!” We share the same values and passion.
    3. Your coach cannot do the work for you. Remember the old adage, “Give a woman a fish and you feed her for a day. Teach her how to fish and you will feed her for a lifetime.” A coach will teach you how to fish, but they aren’t going to buy you the fishing rod and put the bait on the hook and reel it in for you. In our coaching program, I will teach you everything you need to know to start or grow a profitable business and you will have everything you need to implement the lessons.
    4. Business coaching takes time. I would suggest you have at least 2 hours per week to see real results. It also can take time to build up traction. For example, we add probably about 20 followers per week to our instagram. It’s going to take time to grow my insta follower above 1000. But I know that consistency pays off and I continue to take consistent action to achieve my goals.
    5. Business coaching will almost certainly bleed into life coaching. You don’t have one brain for business and another brain for your personal life. Sometimes the things holding us back in our business have to do with personal responsibilities, imbalance relationships or some really old, deeply held beliefs about money or your worthiness.

    What I Offer

    1. I offer two types of CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis industry business coaching: one on one or group coaching inside of a membership.
    2. One on one is a private zoom meeting with me. We can meet weekly, monthly or do a strategy day intensive session. I answer all of your burning questions right there on the spot. I will send you customized “homework” to complete between sessions to keep you on the right path.
    3. My online, group coaching membership is a lot like a Facebook group, but everyone is paying monthly to be there. In our program, Sungrown Society, I will be posting fresh business lessons every month and offering coaching to you in front of the other members. It allows you to get access to me at a fraction of the price of one on one coaching. After you pay, you are given a log in and get access to the private member area of our website. You can start engaging with other members in the CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis industry, taking online courses right away and kickstarting your goals.
    4. Our program focuses specifically on women who want to start or grow their business in the CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis industry, smash and exceed their goals, grow personally and professionally. This is a true passion of mine, and the root of why I love what I do, and why I want other women to be able to do what they love with both confidence and a rock steady foundation.

    About Me

    I’m Melanie Coddington and I help CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis start up folks with business coaching and interior design. I got into business coaching after volunteering my time with a StartOut a non-profit with the mission to promote LGBTQ equality and combat discrimination in the business world. I realized I loved coaching mission-driven entrepreneurs and wanted to help the cannabis, cbd, and hemp community create profitable businesses.

    I have made all the classic mistakes in business: undercharging, not valuing my time, not taking the time to find product-market fit, not saving enough cash to pay my income tax, inconsistent marketing. I mean, the list goes on and on. But I learned a ton and I’ve been able to create a really comfortable life for myself earning more money than I would have ever dreamed of back when I was a poor kid growing up in rural Humboldt County. I overcame a ton of obstacles to get myself through college and beyond. I especially love helping people who society has marginalized or underestimated in some way become super successful.

    Business Coaching is Right for You if

    • You find a coach or mentor you click with and has done what you want to accomplish
    • You are willing to put in the time and effort
    • You understand that at least some portion of the work you do with a business coach will bleed into your personal life.

    If you think you and I will be a good fit for business coaching in the CBD, Hemp, and Cannabis industry please book a free call with me or check out my business coaching page at I would love to hear from you.

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