Meet Our  Team

Named a Design Master of 2022 by MG Retailer, we’re one dynamic team with years of experience equipping dispensary owners across the country with inventive ways to build and grow retail locations that directly reflect their brand vision.

Melanie Coddington

Founder & CEO

Meet Melanie

Founder, CEO, and all around badass, Melanie Coddington, is our fearless leader here at Sungrown Studio. After years of running a seven figure interior design business, Melanie became enamored with the cannabis industry. She quickly expanded into designing luxury dispensaries across the U.S. with a unique twist – it’s done 100% virtually. When she’s not working, you can find her meditating, reading a good book, and enjoying time with her family.

operations director

Director Of Operations

Meet Dee

Operations Director, Demarius Sullivan, brings a over a decade of experience in Sales and Client Services to the Sungrown Studio team. She aims for excellence and process improvement – so we can continue to provide world class service to our clients. When she’s not working you’ll likely find her rocking out an outdoor concert, hiking her favorite trail, or spending time with her adorable grandchildren. 

director of marketing

Director of Marketing

Meet Sabrena

Marketing Director, Sabrena Johnson, isn’t afraid to take risks — in her career or in her personal life, and it’s one of the many reasons why we love her and what she brings to the team here at Sungrown Studio. Her strategic marketing skills help us build solid connections with our clients, and we’re thankful for her dedication to pursuing new and epic ways to grow our brand. When she’s not working, she’s likely out exploring her new city and finding new adventures.

design director

Design Director

Meet Melinda

Design Director and Chicago-native, Melinda Yoo is the magical unicorn behind the amazing designs of Sungrown Studio. She’s a subject matter expert on all things dispensary design, and is passionate about ensuring our clients have all the information they need to be successful. She applies her decades of design experience to crafting fresh, beautiful and profitable dispensaries across the U.S. and Canada. When she’s not working, she enjoys hiking, playing tennis, and running with her sweet pup!  

design assistant

Design Assistant

Meet Lisa

Design Assistant and Bay Area local, Lisa Alexander, brings a unique set of skills to the Coddington Design team. From renderings to floor plans, she’s our very own design ninja as she helps the team pull off one amazing design after another. When she’s not working, she’s likely watching some form of live music – whether it’s the Symphony, a punk rock band, or anything in between. We can neither confirm or deny, but we’re guessing she has a pretty sweet collection of concert tee’s in her closet.