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      YES! I want to be on your email list! (you won’t get doubles if you’re already subscribed and can unsubscribe any time).No thanks. Just send me the freebie.

      You’re here for one of these reasons:

      You are ready to stake your claim in the cannabis/CBD/hemp empire. You’re doing the research and hoping to build a new business or expand your existing business to accommodate this exciting industry.
      You have already started your cannabis/CBD/hemp-centered enterprise and you’re ready to level up, tap into a savvy and engaged peer-network, and grow or scale what you’ve started.
      You’re a freelancer or specialist that wants to create a niche providing your services to the cannabis/CBD/hemp industry, and you want to learn more and make valuable connections.
      If you said “yes” to any of those statements, I’m glad you’re here!

      What if you said, “Yes, but…”

      • You don’t know where to start, what comes first, and what happens next.
      • You can tackle the logistics and keep up with the regulations, but struggle with the entrepreneurial mindset and implementation.
      • You are moonlighting, building this new business while still working your regular job, and it seems to take so much longer.
      • You struggle to develop an accurate and realistic budget, so you feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants.
      • You know a mentor or a business coach could help you, but struggle to justify the hefty price tag for 1:1 coaching.

      The good news is these “but’s” are universal to entrepreneurship or any time you pivot your expertise into new territory. You’re in the right place.

      I know exactly how you feel because I was in your shoes!

      After years of running a successful interior design business, I became enamored with the emerging cannabis industry. I quickly recognized an opportunity to pivot and niche my services to ensure that retail dispensaries had access to the kind of design that would enhance their brand and maximize their profits. At first, leaning into this new niche was a little scary. But, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

      Working with dispensary owners on their retail design unveiled additional needs. Smart, driven, and successful women still need ongoing mentorship and a strong peer network. I had experienced the benefits of coaching + community in my own business. So, I set out to develop a comprehensive group coaching program and membership community that would help all women in the cannabis industry feel seen and heard. This space would provide accessible mentorship, peer-support, and a collaborative spirit – and will focus on women rising in the cannabis/CBD/hemp industry. I created Sungrown Society for you, and for us.


      Sungrown Society is a group coaching program and membership community created specifically to elevate women in cannabis and cannabis-adjacent businesses.

      As a member of Sungrown Society, you will:

      Create a business that brings you financial freedom while giving you deep roots as a leader in your community.
      Gain knowledge and confidence to move your business, career, or idea forward, no matter what obstacles you encounter.
      Meet and collaborate with other cannabis and cannabis-adjacent professionals; our own, modern version of the “good ol’ boys” network that men have used for generations to get ahead faster.
      Understand how to connect with your customers and community and develop more of what they want.
      How to create a more significant impact by working advocacy and activism into your business model.
      Be in good company, among women who acknowledge the need to create a caring and productive network of pro-BIPOC, pro-LGBTQI+ allies within the industry.

      We Want You.

      The cannabis/CBD/hemp industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Especially in North America, where increasing legalization means opportunities to step into the industry through multiple disciplines.

      Beyond growers and retailers, there is a high demand for experienced attorneys, accountants, supply-chain managers, marketing and PR professionals, medical advisors, logistics, and fulfillment – the list goes on.

      The potential to transition your skills to this industry is vast, and the prospect of creating your ideal career is attainable for those willing to pursue it. You and your talent will be highly valued in our community, together we have the ability to transform this industry!

      Women are key.

      Because of the connection between cannabis and health/wellness, women are the fastest-growing consumers of cannabis/CBD/hemp products. The industry is calling on us for leadership.

      Women are poised to thrive as industry leaders. The supportive and collaborative nature of women leadership creates longevity and sustainability for the industry and its partners with intention, ethics, and inclusivity.

      This industry is primed to be led by women like you.

      Join Sungrown Society’s group coaching and membership community today to access:

      Our members-only material and discussion forum
      Mentorship via feedback from Sungrown Founder, Melanie Coddington
      Fresh monthly content, topics where you’ll discover how to level up your business.
      Worksheets that connect the dots between what you learn and exactly how you will implement it in your business
      Bi-weekly group coaching and strategy calls. The Q & A format used here will allow you direct access to your questions being answered. You’ll also find value in listening in and learning as others do!
      Money Mindset coaching to boost your confidence, keep your head in the game, and ensure that you crush your profit goals each month!

      Current enrollment bonus

      Join before August 14th and receive a 60 minute one-on-one personal strategy call with Melanie Coddington ($500 value). In this special bonus call you can discuss your most pressing questions, roadblocks, or challenges you are facing right now.



      Q: How do I know this is for me?
      A: This Membership is for women entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and specialists of any kind in any stage of exploring or building a cannabis/CBD/hemp-based business or working in the industry. If you need more clarity about how this program will help you get ahead faster, schedule a 15-minute call.
      Q: How will I access the content, work, and calls?
      A: You’ll be given a password-protected login to our premier membership site. All of your content will be housed there and downloadable for your convenience. Calls are conducted via Zoom, and recordings will be added to the membership area for access afterward.
      Q: How do I know that the ideas I share are safe from my competition?
      A: Sungrown Society members are required to sign a legally binding non-disclosure agreement upon joining. And, we also encourage members to let go of holding on so tightly to their idea of competition. Competition, multiple people implementing a similar idea, etc. are all part of being in business. If your brand and niche are strong and genuine, you won’t ever have to worry about competitors.
      Q: How much time will it take for me to do the work each month?
      A: You will need to commit at least 2 hours per week to absorbing and implementing the membership material. The good news is, you’ll make progress every week! Many entrepreneurs/CEOs cite 5-10 hours per week as a necessary amount of time to spend directly on activities that grow their business (this doesn’t include all the time their teams spend implementing their ideas).

      Don’t wait for three months, and wish you had started today!

      Level up your professional satisfaction and financial security with one small step – join Sungrown Society!

      • Make $$$ while helping people
      • Connect with other purpose-driven women in the cannabis industry
      • Unfold your roadmap to success
      • Identify your ideal core customer and communicate how you can serve them
      • Build a business based on inclusivity and diversity
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