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Roll Up to the Polls

It still boggles my mind the number of people who like to complain about the state of things, and then also neglect to take action to fix what it is they’re complaining about. 

Even more, it hurts my heart to know that some states continue making it harder for people to exercise their right to vote. And, it’s those exact voices we need to hear the loudest. It’s a shitty political strategy, no matter who’s doing it. 

We have a malleable, young, and impressionable industry here and the power, ability, and opportunity to shape it into something alcohol and tobacco never were. 

We have people serving life sentences without parole for selling $20 worth of marijuana. Oh, and an informant set him up. (#FreeKevinAllen)

We have towns and cities, neighbors, and loved ones drowning in the opioid crisis because chronic pain management options in many states currently consist of 1. pharma or 2. suffer. 

Register to vote. Today.

I know you read these blogs looking for design inspiration, great lighting ideas or even to learn more about what the hell we do here. 

If you’ve read anything we’ve put you there, you already know that we fight hard to protect female, LGBTQ+, and minority ownership of dispensaries. We have seen predatory practices in play for social equity ownership stakes, and we want nothing to do with it. Sungrown cares about who our clients are and where they have come from. 

We champion other like-minded industry leaders and aren’t afraid to say who we are. We also aren’t afraid to say what we want from this industry because we feel the potential, we understand what’s at stake and we truly want equitable legislation, safe testing, and stigma lifted. 

Registering to vote (if you haven’t already) is the first step

Don’t leave it up to someone else to speak for you. Be loud, be heard, and if you feel compelled, join your local hemp or cannabis organization. Connection to some amazing grass-roots organizations not only increases your connections, but they fuel the movements in the industry that we desperately need.