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    Coaching + Community

    Cannabis Business Coaching for Women

    Increase Your Income Intensive

    This month long program is designed to get you to uncover why you’re afraid to make more money. I will show you the techniques I used to clean out my “mind trash” and create the profitable business of my dreams. I have specifically tailored this intensive for the cannabis/cbd/hemp community to address the unique challenges we face.

    I used to look around at successful business owners and think they all had something I didn’t have like outside investors or a wealthy family (or spouse) or the “it factor.”

    It felt impossible for someone like me (who grew up poor, lesbian, didn’t go to an Ivy League school, introverted) to earn a six figure salary in my own business.

    I got myself into some coaching and took some courses and it STILL took me a couple of years to figure it out.

    I realized that earning consistent revenue boils down to 4 things.

    These things have nothing to do with where you went to school, generational wealth, being the life of the party or wealthy spouses.

    Once I started doing these things, doors opened up for me and I was able to earn monthly revenue of over $40k consistently for the last decade.

    Four Things You Need to Increase Your Income:

    cannabis business coaching

    Week 1

    A written goal with a clear plan -You’d be surprised at how many people want to pay themselves six figures …but they’ve never written it down and have absolutely no plan to get there. In the first week I’ll teach you my methods.
    cannabis business coaching

    Week 2

    A way to generate the leads you need – do you know that if you want 25 people to buy something you are selling that 250 people need to see it? In week 2 I’ll teach you the techniques I use to get my message out to large audiences.
    cannabis business coaching

    Week 3

    A clear path to profit -I used to bring in revenue of over $40k per month but I wasn’t paying myself even $10k because I didn’t understand how to track the money coming in and going out. In week 3 I’ll teach you how to pay yourself first and share a simple spreadsheet to track expenses and revenue.

    Week 4

    A money mindset makeover – I can help you uncover why you’re afraid to make more money so that you can get comfortable charging the prices you really want. In our final week we dive deep into how to start taking action that will bring you results, not just keep you busy.

    This is for you if:

    You know you have the potential to earn more, but you are holding yourself back
    You are tired of the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle
    You struggle with deep seeded money fears (or “mind trash” as I call it)
    You know what you need to do but you are not doing it
    You are spending time on things that don’t lead to sales
    You would like to reach new audiences but you struggle to put yourself out there
    Your business has the potential to be bigger and better than it is now


    My four lessons on Goals, Leads, Profit and Mindset. One per week in a private Facebook group (replays available any time)

    2 live coaching calls with me (and your peers) for questions and answers.

    (If you can’t attend you can pre-send your questions and I’ll answer them on the live)

    Worksheets, spreadsheets and swipe files to use to set and get to your goal.

    We start Monday, November 30.

    Women Who Lead in Weed

    If you’re ready to be supported, educated and inspired in growing your cannabis/cbd/hemp business join us inside! We are a private community of badass leaders who are growing businesses in the cannabis, cbd, and hemp industry. The best part? It’s free!

    Mastermind Month

    One or more months where together we make sure you have a clear short and long term vision for your business and a concrete strategy you can implement right away. This personal cannabis business coaching plan allows dedicated time to move past fear blocks so you can take focused action.


    • One on one time to focus on you and your goals
    • Accountability check ins weekly
    • 2 private zoom sessions per month
    • Email support between sessions
    • Personalized coaching plan
    • Bonus worksheets and resources
    “ Melanie is unique in her approach in that she has learned these lessons for herself creating and building her own businesses and brand. Much of what she shares, and holds you accountable to, are lessons she has learned from paying attention to her own journey.”

    Private Strategy Session

    A laser focused strategy session designed to give you quick wins and clear answers.

    Come ready to take action and follow my advice. We solve as many problems as we can in one session. (You can always book additional sessions anytime).

    • Quick wins
    • Clear answers
    • Step by step strategy to achieve your goals
    • Plan to create as much money as you desire

    Things we can discuss:

    • Charging what you’re worth
    • Knowing when to make key hires
    • Vetting your business idea
    • Setting realistic goals
    • Current offers, products, pricing
    • Creating time to work on your business
    • Marketing plan
    • Sales strategy
    • Prioritizing Profits
    • Results based time blocking
    • Making friends with financial reports


    One day intensive where you and I work side-by-side to clarify your vision for your business and create a step by step action plan that you can implement right away.


    • Complete your Signature pre-work where you get a clear financial picture, current customers/clients, your team (or lack thereof) and your strengths.
    • Vision Clarity Session: we discuss your big hopes and dreams.
    • Mindset Makeover: We quickly dig into any mental blocks to your success
    • Action Plan Creation: we create roadmap of the exact steps you will take to reach those stretch goals and create as much money as you desire
    • Coworking Session: I can’t actually do the work for you so we will use this time for you to accomplish one or two tasks that will move the needle on your business. Write copy, create some profitable new offers, or create a staffing plan. I’ll be there cheering you on and answering questions.
    • Wrap up and review.
    “Melanie woke me up and got my creative juices pumping! Working with her I went from not having time to invest in my “pipe dream”, to working at it everyday, even if only for 15 minutes; by the end of our 90 days, I had reframed my way of thinking about my priorities and restructured my day to make sure I worked on my goal consistently.”

    Let’s Talk Details.

    Once you sign up, I’ll send you a confirmation email congratulating you on making a great decision! Then we will get your time slot scheduled within the next 7-14 days based on your preferred dates and my availability. I’ll also send you pre-work to do before our time together (the pre-work will only take an hour or two).

    Have questions? Use this link to set up a free 20 minute call with me or send me an email at I can’t wait to help you achieve your goals!