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    Dispensary Design Pricing


    Custom Design Consultation

    Up to 1 Hour Consultation Time (email, text, zoom, phone call) in any of the following areas: 

    Customized budget guide, location selection help, branding, logo questions; Direction on how to choose the right architect/contractor. Lighting, color, and decor ideas. Floor plan layout review. Guidance on merchandising your product for maximum profit. Advice on opening multiple locations, and more!


    Complete Dispensary Design

    We work closely with you to fully design your dispensary within your budget and style. We select it all, including display cases, paint colors and furniture. We create the perfect flow floor plan for maximum profits. Package includes a photo realistic rendering, floor plan, style sheet, materials specifications, shop drawings and a shopping list. Delivered to your inbox in 9-12 weeks.


    Design Map Session

    Schedule a complimentary, 20-minute design map session with an interior designer to discuss your project and answer any questions you may have.