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    Our CEO’s Top Picks for 2020

    new year flyer

    Our CEO, Melanie Coddington gives an insight into what good energy she is bringing into the new decade and what she’s leaving behind in 2019. All products mentioned belong to companies owned by women who are bringing about a vital change and flourish to the cannabis industry.

    Start the year with positivity…

    Jennifer Chapin and Amanda Jones of Kikoko bring deliciously flavorful teas that keep you lifted and mellow. I especially love the Positiv-tea for its fresh taste and uplifting buzz! Consider using their special blends for a unique cocktail for your next gathering instead of the usual wine. Get crafty concocting delicious drinks and if you need some help Kikoko provide some fun recipes perfect for hosting or for a special night in.

    Keep you lifted not shifted

    In 2019 you may have dosed hard, but I’m here to make the case that in 2020 we microdose. KIVA Confections is a much loved cannabis-infused confections company that creates delicious treats that are perfectly packaged. I know people love a highly potent THC product, but I never liked the feeling of being too high to function. To me it kind of felt like I was strapped on a ride I couldn’t get off. There is something very relaxing and manageable about microdosing, where I feel like I am taking the dose instead of the dose taking over. I especially like using the Petra Mints, that feel indulgent yet perfectly subtle enough for me to go about my day.

    Tincture it up

    Tinctures are a great way of taking in the magical plant of cannabis. After all, you don’t have to huff or puff anything. Humboldt Apothecary needed a mention for its Sweet Jane 4:1 tincture, a perfect concoction that is coconut based with peppermint oil. It’s a welcome treat after a long day for its anti-inflammatory properties and mild pain relief.

    These boots are made for walkin’! 

    As this is the beginning of a new year (and a new decade!), I thought it was appropriate to add this last item to help you walk through the days and dance through the nights. Lord Jones teamed up with shoe making savant Tamara Mellon to bring a high CBD formula Stiletto Cream! Even if you’re a sneakers out on town person like me, this is a luxurious treat before and after shoe wearing that keeps your feet nourished thanks to its long list of butters and oils. 

    If 2019 was a year of hustle, 2020 is the year of serenity. I hope this list of products help keep you mellow doing the barrage of long meetings lined up in January and keep you elevated when you need some good TLC.

    Sungrown Studio is a women operated and run cannabis dispensary design studio that believes in excellent luxury design with equity and heart. 

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