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    How We Flex to Keep Getting Better

    Retail designers work in varying ways and if you’ve ever interviewed any of them you’ll find out one size does not fit all. The space for cannabis specific retail interior designers is niche, and still there are lots of different ways we all work. (You can see exactly what we do here.)

    Designing a new cannabis culture for us, included changing the way we interact with our clients and taking a hard look at what you need, what your customers need and how we can continue our high level of design. If you read our blogs or check our insta, you can see that we really put a lot of care and attention to detail into our amazing projects but also shape the industry from pre-licensing all the way to brand expansions. Any state, anywhere.

    • Pre licensing package; a flat fee package to get you a beautiful, exciting and winning design for your state and city application. We’ve recently included the exterior rendering into the package since everyone loves and needs them. It’s our way of helping you show the value your dispensary will add to the neighborhood. When you purchase a pre-licensing package, we give you a credit you can use on a Complete Dispensary Design when you’re ready. It’s a wonderful way to go from the pre-planning licensing phase to the “door opening”. We haven’t found any other retail interior designers who do this!
    • Flexible Design/Hourly; We keep bringing this back for you. It’s a great economical way to get exactly what you need from a cannabis designer. Anything from a floor plan revamp to merchandising and storage help. Even holiday decorating the shop in a cool, brand on point way. Ditch the tacky craft store decorations and celebrate the season looking awesome.
    • Complete Dispensary Design; Top to bottom your dispensary is custom designed for you. We give you everything you and your contractor needs to build, rebuild or plan your dream dispensary. If you look close at our renderings, floor plans, and inspiration boards on our website, you can see the exceptional quality and level of detail we achieve as our standard. Our team works hard to give you not only beautiful pictures, but quality products that are efficient, durable and an asset to your business. We are constantly researching new materials and tech to make your dispensary work harder for you. This is our most popular, most comprehensive service.

    A little bit more about compliance & how we manage it all. You already know that it’s basically a nationwide wide game of cups from a design point of view. Each state and city has their own set of regs and rules. You can’t mess with it either or you’re going to either be declined or shut down. Oh and they’re constantly changing. While we’d love to have a blanket set of regulations, we’re well versed in most states’ ordinances and laws. We do loads of research so that what we are designing for you is compliant. Opening in multiple states? You don’t need to hire multiple designers. This takes the guesswork out of your project and the headaches away from you and your staff. Another thing to remember is that we’ve been doing this exclusively and virtually since 2017. Our fearless founder. Melanie, invests a great amount of time and resources into making sure we can efficiently, effectively and painlessly create interiors that wow without the pitfalls of a traditional, in person designer. We’ve basically cut out the fake bullshit that you see on HGTV. And you know, if you’ve ever been through a real estate remodel, that what they do on tv just isn’t the way it actually goes. Retail design is no different except that mistakes are usually more expensive.

    So you might have noticed that over time our services have changed and some have reappeared. This is a direct result of hearing your pain points and issues that you need the most help with from a design perspective. Yes, we really do listen! This means bringing back hourly consultation so that maybe if you just need some help with merchandising, we can bring you the results you need. Or maybe your architect did a floor plan but left you hanging as far as where to get the items to furnish your dispensary. Yes, we do that too. We’re now able to provide you with amazing exterior renderings, even if you’re not locked into a space just yet. We obviously love designing a space from top to bottom, but even more, we love the relationship we create with you while working on the wrinkles of your space.

    So- What’s next? What’s our flex?

    We value our partnerships with you and others who share our common goals of improving the cannabis culture. So many amazing women out there kicking ass and changing the climate of the industry.


    Sungrown Studio is personally vetting (one zoom at a time) like minded, values sharing people of color and women in the retail cannabis consulting business, so that we can help you find the right people to get your dream dispensary off the ground. We’re interior designers, and while we are interior experts- we don’t handle stuff like funding, insurance, management, and many of the other compliance components that go into really winning a retail license in your city and state. But so many times, I hear from you how it’s nearly impossible (and insanely expensive) to go it alone and be successful. We’ve also heard many times how they started out with one consultant, but it wasn’t a good fit and they had to start again and hire someone else. Cannabis consultants are popping up everywhere. Some are veterans in the industry, while others are pretty green and taking a go at consulting. Some cannabis consultants only focus on cultivation and do not have a lot of experience on the retail end. So, we’ve taken on an extra step to be able to confidently connect you with the right, professional people, state by state.

    So stay tuned for more info on how to get access to our top partners. We are really excited about this and think it will be a seriously amazing asset to you.