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    How We Design Virtually

    Sungrown Studio; Blossom

    A question we get frequently asked is “How can you design my space without seeing it in person?” So today we thought we’d share the inside details on our virtual design process and how it fits seamlessly with our pre-licensing package and complete dispensary design.

    There are really four main parts to a great virtual design with us.

    It all starts with a design map session! This is the first reach out where we get to talk with you, hear what your needs are and what you’re hoping to achieve when you hire a designer for your space. Tell us your story and how you got into the industry or why you want to be a part of it.Your story inspires us and drives many of the decisions we face. We ask super specific questions about your existing space or what you’re looking for if you’re still searching for the perfect real estate, We need to understand your company, your team and how you work as well as who is your customer in order to start solving the puzzle of your space. If your customers are suburban hempsters- we create the space to fit them.

    The second vital piece to how we design virtually is the floor plan. We make a layout for you in AutoCad which shows all the pieces to your dispensary, your traffic flow and all the compliance needs. We are able to create the floor plan for you from your measurements (or your contractors, architect, previous plans…we’re crafty in getting what we need.) Sometimes we need to bounce ideas off of you, or ask you for a ceiling height, window placement or something like that. The more complete we have the measurements, the clearer the picture becomes. On top of the floor plan we ask you for pictures, video walkthroughs or any other resources you have. For us, this is exactly like being in the space. Once we have your floor plan nailed down, the rest is all in the details.

    Those details are number three on our list- the furniture, fixtures and finishes. Everything from colors to cabinet styles and those special WOW moments we love so much. To get these just right we may ask for your logo pdf so we can color match anything we need. (Pantone is a beautiful thing!) Based on our years and years of dispensary design experience, we know exactly what and where to find the pieces. Just as important, we know how they will look in your finished space. We’re looking at details like building orientation (how will that paint look with west sun streaming in?). How your employees will move through the space with the customer. It’s really no secret how we figure this all out- it’s a healthy blend of listening to you, asking vital questions, and tying it all in with our knowledge of the design industry, and more specifically the cannabis retail industry.

    Once we have a healthy list of what we think should go into your design, we create the fourth vital piece to designing virtually, the rendering. This is a computer generated image (seriously it looks like a photo) of what your space looks like completed. The magical thing about renderings is that they can be edited. As designers we find something we think we love- we see it in the rendering and give it a “oh hell no”. As great as that chandelier looked on plan and in my mind, sometimes seeing it in the rendering of the complete space shows me a different perspective. Or maybe the budtender table you loved from Pinterest looks a little meh now when you see it all together. The rendering is basically the final checks and balances process to designing virtually. It’s also the easiest way for you to love your space before you break ground.

    Sungrown Studio; Potters

    Those are the four main points of how we design your space virtually. I love being unrestricted by zip codes and flight availability and our team feels so lucky to be able to offer amazing design to you wherever you are.