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How to Maximize a Small Space

dispensary layout design

Maybe you’re just starting out and your dispensary space isn’t as spacious as you’d like. Or maybe you’ve got a hot location — great foot traffic, perfect neighborhood and neighbors, but it came with a square footage price? While we love going all out on a huge dispensary, here are some easy things you can do to maximize your small space with great dispensary layout design.

dispensary layout design

Credit: HighRoad Studio

Don’t Overcrowd Your Product

It is super tempting to put it all out there and look like a well stocked shop. But putting out multiple duplicates actually makes your space feel smaller, tighter and harder to shop for customers. They can easily get turned off if the dispensary feels jammed.

This goes for signage too — you want your customers to read some quick info on a few key products, but adding too many manufacturer info cards make the space look smaller, more cluttered and way less shoppable.

Make What You Have Count

The great thing about current POS gear is that it’s flexible and small. All you really need is a scanner and a screen. By upgrading to a new system, you will save a load of valuable real estate at the cash wrap.

dispensary layout design

Get Vertical

A basic display table can be maximized very easily by adding a “wedding cake” style riser to the middle. This is a great option for merch or impulse items that would normally get lost on a regular fixture, or simply take up too much space on a floating shelf. Here are a few ideas of how vertical fixtures can work for your dispensary layout design.

dispensary layout design

Credit: J Brothers & Co.

Double Duty Storage

Wall shelves work great, but don’t offer much in stock storage. Look for a wall fixture that has locked storage at the bottom to hold backup stock, or a real product if you legally have to display empty boxes. This will save your employees walking all over looking for the right product and give your staff a quick view of where you’re at on inventory.

Dispensary Layout Design

Still not sure just how you’re going to make your small dispensary layout design happen? Wondering how much it is going to cost to design and furnish your dispensary? Check out our FREE Budget tool to get you started. We want to help you and would love to schedule a free 20-minute Design Map Session to hear more about how we can work together!

Top Photo Credit: Sungrown Studio/ MCM Study

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