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    How to Hire the Best Dispensary Designer for Your Business

    Hi, Sungrown Community!

    Today on our Youtube Channel, Melinda reveals the top secrets to hiring the best cannabis dispensary designer.

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    You have the passion, vision, and dream of a beautiful and profitable dispensary – now you just need the right designer to help execute! There are three main questions to consider when looking for a designer:

    1. How does my designer plan to make my brand stand out against my competitors?
    2. What is my designer going to do to make my life easier? (The million-dollar question!)
    3. Will I know upfront if the cost of the dispensary design aligns with my budget?

    Finding a designer who not only does great work and has cannabis specific industry experience is a great start. Finding a designer with all that and is invested in the development of your brand is even better!

    If you’re ready to create your unique cannabis dispensary design,¬† Schedule a call with our team.

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