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    How to Expand and Stay Consistent with your Brand Identity

    So…your flagship dispensary location is amazing and now you’re ready to expand. This is an incredible step forward – one to be proud of!

    Are you expanding into a new state? A different city? Are you wondering how you can maintain your brand identity when the new location is a totally different shape and feel? 

    We totally understand, and we’ve got some tips for you!

    Here’s how to stay true to your vision while managing  multiple dispensary locations: 

    • First, review what’s working best in your current location and what you love about it. We have a client who absolutely loves the island shaped budtender counter. Her customers are drawn to it, her employees flourish behind it and it’s a showstopper. Replicate the things that work in the new space whenever possible.


    • On the flip side, let go of what doesn’t work. If the shelves in the merch section are just too high to be functional, don’t buy or build the same ones for the new space. Chances are, you can probably find the same style in the proper height. Now is the time to fix mistakes. Don’t carry over a fixture or unit just because it’s in your flagship – keep what you love, let go of what you don’t.


    • Be consistent. It’s tempting to make each new dispensary a themed location but this really confuses your customer. Brand continuity, recognition, and consistency is really important for repeat customers and building your name in the industry. If you want to do something local in each dispensary, art is a great conduit for that. Local art pieces, tourist attraction kitsch and murals are a fun way to incorporate the city/town into your dispensary location.


    • Purchase from reputable vendors. This sounds like a given, but if you fill your flagship store with one of a kind items, you won’t easily be able to procure them in future locations. Having a great custom contractor is an excellent way to make sure you’ll be able to get your unique look in every store you own.


    • Opt for quality where it counts. There is nothing more annoying than a piece that just doesn’t hold up or requires more maintenance than normal. Your dispensary floors, countertops, and waiting room furniture are going to be heavy use, high traffic spaces. It’s important to purchase high quality pieces that will be durable and always look their best. The same goes for lightning – invest in energy efficient pendant lights, chandeliers, and sconces. Nobody wants to change light bulbs every month.


    • Know who you are. This is key and comes up often for many of our clients. If your brand voice is shaky, your logo ever-evolving, and you don’t have a steady and consistent message – or if your managers across different locations aren’t in sync about your company culture, you’re going to confuse your customers. We strongly recommend you contract a brand developer/manager to focus the best parts of your vision and brand. 

    We hope this helps as you expand your brand and dispensary locations. We appreciate you and we’re cheering you on in your growth, Sungrown Community!

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