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    How To Add Romance To Your Dispensary Design

    We love celebrating love- the emotion of happiness, comfort and passion through our interiors! Our CEO, Melanie Coddington has explored these themes through her designs previously at her renowned interior design firm, Coddington Design and now also at Sungrown Studio. There is something spectacular about adding a dash of feminine charm into the traditionally male arena of dispensary design, and we are here to help you through that process!

    A simple yet completely transformative way of adding depth into your dispensary design is through arches and curves. We loved adding it in the Sungrown Studio designed Blossom Dispensary, and seeing it in other beautiful dispensaries such the one pictured above by Studio Banaa. The curved arches have built-in lighting that elevates the shopping experience. We mimicked the built-in arches with an oval table that anchors the overall aesthetic, which is cohesive and pleasing for shoppers.

    Whether it’s through delicate sconces, reliable tabletop lamps or through eye-catching pendants and chandeliers, using light fixtures adds warmth to your space. With the Blossom Dispensary design, we decided to keep the focus on the jewelry store like glass cases. Adding saucer shaped pendant lighting by these tables adds a diffused spotlight on the products, making them more enticing for customers.

    The best way to bring romance into your dispensary is by having fun! Love isn’t always about serious commitments and big gestures. Celebrate love by adding a whimsical touch that resonates with your brand and space. For example, by adding a game of jenga into the mix (a fun pink one!), that doubles up as nostalgic fun and playful decor is the kind of whimsy that your clients will remember fondly.

    And lastly, who doesn’t love a decadently soft and plush couch? Love is all about cuddling up on a rainy day, and you can bring that feeling of warmth and comfort through a beautiful couch into your dispensary. Couches that are statement color are always memorable and fun. One of our favorite couches was used by Melanie for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase in 2018, that adds a dramatic dimension and juxtaposes with the dark walls. Melanie loved the couch so much that she knew she had to bring it home!


    Sungrown Studio is a women operated and run cannabis dispensary design studio that believes in excellent luxury design with equity and heart. 

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