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High Style Hemp

Great dispensary design isn’t limited by state legalities. We are seeing some amazing, beautiful, cliche smashing hemp & CBD dispensaries in every state who are clearly on a mission to not only elevate the product, but the overall shopping experience. We’re skipping the national chains you’ve probably seen everywhere and want you to get inspired to elevate your hemp & cbd dispensary goals. Lets hit a few of our favorites and talk stereotype smashing style!

In the New York NoMad district, Standard Dose is a CBD retreat, complete with meditation room, rooftop yoga and tea bar, which serves up custom blended teas with CBD. Definitely not your typical shop. The pale palette deeply reflects the branding and becomes an “escape built around guiding and educating consumers on ways to soothe, balance and alleviate through CBD and plant based wellness.” states founder Anthony Saniger. Who wouldn’t love to shop here?

Standard Dose; Design SR Projects & Tuna Architecture, New York

In downtown Austin hemp shops are everywhere. MaryJae stands apart from them all through design that can only be described as fun & loaded. Black framed cases mimic her logo and play nice with the bright spots of fuschia and turquoise. Bright and unapologetic (with great merch) MaryJae is LGBTQ+, BIPOC, AND women-owned, with a heart-centered approach to cannabis and inclusion. They continuously strive to partner with suppliers and growers who align with their integrity, passion and values. They’re also deep advocates of hemp education and tours. MaryJae is a destination spot, but also everyone’s favorite neighborhood store.

MaryJae, Austin Texas

In Chattanooga Tennessee we found a fun, rustic CBD/Hemp shop called Begreen Hemp. Begreen is a steward for the continued sustainable growth of the hemp industry and to be successful in that effort. We like the comfortable mix of bright patterns to liven up a neutral & natural space with a fun bee-theme that isn’t silly or kitschy.

Begreen Hemp, Chattanooga Tennessee

Here’s an unexpected masculine inspired design (we tend to see a lot of the more feminine leaning interiors when it comes to wellness dispensaries of hemp and cbd) in Holland Michigan, Made by Hemp. The rich color palette, deep wood finishes and crisp signage ties nicely into the mission of MbH, which is deeply rooted in dispelling the misinformation out there about the products they sell in a clear and balanced way. The simple design becomes a lovely backdrop for their products.

Made By Hemp, Holland Michigan

Love how these four dispensaries are so different from each other but wow in their own way with their own voice and direction. One of the best aspects of designing a dispensary is that there is no “box” that you need to fit into. Our industry was built on breaking, changing and righting the wrongs. As interior retail cannabis & hemp designers, seeing your vision and message come to the light is our highest passion.