Floor Plans

How to Lay out a Cannabis Dispensary

The concept for this medical cannabis dispensary was “mid-century modern haven.” The mid-century modern style provides an elevated design sensibility with honest and quality materials, furnishings and a playful take on color and pattern. It is these qualities that make it fit seamlessly into the design footprint of the San Francisco Bay Area, while still being distinguishable from other nearby dispensaries. Clean lines, colorful patterns, rich woods and brass accents come together to serve as an example of the best of mid-century modern aesthetic.

dispensary floor plan

Dispensary Floor Plan & Layout

The client wanted a cannabis dispensary floor plan and layout that allowed for the best disbursement of visitors while still feeling inviting and private when necessary. The layout of this medical marijuana dispensary allows for both clear product displays and small landing areas for patients to meet privately with budtenders.

Large open shelving along the back of the dispensary clearly displays products upon entering. Not only does this serve as a feature wall, but it also functions to show the breadth of items available. The glass and wood displays along the bar area allow patients to view products up close.

Counters running the length of the space allow people to spread out evenly and form a line. Counter seating in the upper corners of the dispensary create private areas for patient consultations. The counter stool seating along the bar is intended for patient consultations. Patients can register on tablets in the security area just outside the dispensary.

dispensary floor plan

High End Finishes

On floors & walls

The owners wanted to design the dispensary floor plan to attract luxury cannabis consumers. The dispensary is designed to feel airy, well lit and spacious. Because the space is smaller, measuring under 500 square feet, we kept the furniture lines and lighting simple and clean.

Lighting is used purposefully to highlight cannabis product displays and the designated seating areas. The pendants and chandeliers communicate a luxury and welcoming feeling. The multi-tone blue geometric tile on the floor creates dimension and movement through the space, while also adding an extra level of design.

When designing the space, we wanted some bold patterns and colors to be used throughout the space. By being intentional in their placement, we created a cohesive dispensary floor plan that doesn’t overwhelm. The luxury finishes communicate to dispensary visitors that it is not a prohibition era pot shop, but rather a welcoming boutique retail experience that fits in with the upscale neighborhood.

Storage, Security & Regulations

The owners wanted to display the full range of products offered but needed to do so in a secured way per California cannabis regulations. This is why we opted for the walnut and glass display cases and the large open shelving unit. The custom display cases allow customers to clearly see the merchandise while limiting access to employees only. It is surrounded by counters that only employees are allowed beyond, and it can be securely monitored. The small room off to the side of the dispensary remains locked and acts as a safe room and inventory storage.

dispensary floor plan

Working With Us

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