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East Coast Dispensary Style

You all know the East Coast is exploding right now with legalization and licensing. They’re putting their own spin on design and we love being a part of it. New York, New Jersey, Maine. Let’s take a peek at what we love and why.

Even if there is a huge rush to open the doors, everyone involved is looking to elevate the shopping experience to a safe, beautiful place where everyone feels welcome and at ease when purchasing. We are creating experiences that make lasting, high spending, loyal customers just through thoughtful planning and design. We do this with great focus and intention in not only our complete dispensary designs, but our pre-licensing package as well.

Sungrown Studio for East Coast Cure, Maine

We designed this dispensary for East Coast Cure to be fresh. Polished and unique. They love the unique color combo of their logo and while maroon and gold can go cliche and bad in a million ways, we kept it to pops of gold in an ethereal like space. The built in, lit product shelving display was a direct request from the owners, as well as a custom light wall to show off their seeds and strains in a museum quality way.

View of the bakery counter & light wall

No trip to the city is complete without a stroll through Chelsea Market, home to the flagship store for Higher Standards. The design holds true to the 9th Ave. vibe with exposed brick & beams and making the most of every inch of retail space. Bright and airy with an industrial skeleton helps the carefully curated merchandise sell itself.

Higher Standards, Chelsea Market

Citivia Dispensary is the first medical dispensary in Brooklyn and arguably one of the most beautiful in the country. It has a great blend of natural walnut wood and a rich jeweled blue. Paired with custom fixtures and beautiful lighting and tile, customers feel instantly at ease shopping.

Citivia Medical, Brooklyn

Not feeling the city look? Check out this gorgeous dispensary in Massachusetts, Rebelle. “No windowless rooms, no more waiting in line, no more hospital vibes and no more ignoring the past.” You’re basically stepping into a new experience of tranquility when you shop here.

Rebelle, Massachusetts