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Drumroll please… Our new pre-licensing design package is HERE!

Sungrown Studio; East Coast Cure, Maine

We hear you.

Winning your retail cannabis license is hard. You’ve got so many boxes to check before you can submit phase two of your application. And part of what you need is totally out of your wheelhouse.

Ever try to draw a floor plan yourself online? Would you know where and how to start? There is a good reason there aren’t any HGTV DIY shows on retail cannabis design. It’s tedious and complicated. Between compliance restrictions (which vary greatly from state to state) to the magical tricks to merchandising, the show would be a technical tumbleweed of frustration.

The floor plan is just one document necessary for winning your license. The city/state wants to know that you know what you’re doing and are invested in the safety of your community, and the compliance to local laws. You’ll be denied if your plan doesn’t work.

Maybe you have a good idea of how your space will look when it’s done… you’ve pinned your faves to your Pinterest boards, had team brainstorm ideas on what the vibe will be. Hopefully you’ve had your graphic designer create the perfect logo and packaging.
But how will you show your beautiful vision in a professional, clear way without spending a fortune? How will you implement it when it’s time to start the build out? Your contractors are awesome, but don’t have the dispensary specific help you need. The architect is awesome but can’t tell you where to buy shelving and furniture or how your space will be tailored to your team and customer. So now what?

Masterpiece in Progress

Sungrown Studio seamlessly integrates the best key elements you need to win your license. Here’s a list of some of the highlights of what you get when you purchase your pre licensing design package for $1500.

  • Professionally designed floor plan including: fixtures, lighting, ATM locations, refrigeration, secure check out & check in, budtender tables and stations, merchandising areas, impulse shopping, waiting area, feature walls, secured inventory vault and logo placement. Everything is compliant, beautiful and ready to go.
  • Photorealistic Rendering. You will see your space completely pulled together from floor to fixtures in high resolution color. You need this to show your review panel exactly what you want to bring to the table with your dispensary.
    • We also now offer exterior renderings to show your community improvement & upgraded facade for an additional charge. Often exterior renderings are required for licensing applications.

I don’t have a space narrowed down yet- How can you make a floor plan?
No space, no problem. We can take a general shape and square footage and create a floor plan from scratch. “Its 4500 sq feet and a strip mall rectangle”. Maybe you have a real estate listing or address you’re thinking of- we can work from that! We can still incorporate all the features you need.

My team hasn’t settled on a color scheme or have any idea what style we want- How the hell can you design it & make it look great?
Don’t worry, we’ve been doing this a long time! Start here with our fun Style Quiz. Have your team take it too! From here we can narrow down your style and create exactly what you’re looking for. We often take color schemes from logos you already have in place or learn more about what you’re hoping to achieve during our Design Map Session. Every design we do starts with the same formula and process of us listening to you. The best design comes from a connected collaboration between us.

Ok, I love what I’ve seen you do…So after I have you do the Pre-Licensing design, How do I get my dispensary ready to open?
We love happy clients and we love seeing your plans become grand openings. We offer $1000.00 off a Complete Dispensary after we have done your Pre Licensing Design. We will make any changes needed and also create a shopping list for you. This gives you all the links, specs, quantities and finishes you will need to complete your space. We also do detailed shop drawings for your contractors to build custom things like shelving, cash wraps or any other items you may need.

What’s the difference between a Complete Dispensary Design and a Pre License design?
With a Complete Dispensary Design, you get a fully custom design, floor plan rendering, shopping list to order everything as well as shop drawings for custom pieces. We take your actual space and design it top to bottom Our pre licensing design package gives you a semi-custom floor plan based on your location. We include all the features you need to not only be compliant but stand out from the crowd. You also get a photo realistic rendering of the space.

Still unsure? Book a complimentary Design Map Session and we will go over everything, no pressure!

I’m ready. Now what do I do?
The first step is to book your free Design Map Session with Melinda. We will go over everything, answer all your questions and go over the process of getting started and get to know your project in great detail.