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    Dispensary Pre-Licensure Design in Ohio

    dispensary pre-licensure design in ohio | cannabis license in ohio

    While adult-use of cannabis remains up in the air in Ohio, medical dispensaries are thriving in the state. With new cannabis licenses in Ohio available, it’s important for new dispensaries to ensure their Ohio pre-licensure design plans are in place. Business plans, floor plans and renderings of potential new dispensaries can help business owners secure a cannabis license in Ohio and get their dispensary up and running. 

    Although it may seem like there’s no shortage of hoops to jump through to receive a cannabis license in Ohio, complete and comprehensive design plans submitted with the pre-licensure requirements can help to eliminate much of the back-and-forth that could delay or disrupt obtaining a cannabis dispensary license. In fact, design serves many purposes beyond meeting the code requirements. Your dispensary design is the backbone of your brand. Great design considers the needs of your customers and  employees. It can also improve processes, save money, and create environmental efficiencies. Thoughtful dispensary design is at the heart of any successful cannabis brick & mortar store. 

    Design Plan Importance

    When you’re applying for your dispensary license in Ohio, you’ll need to include your business plan. Whether your dispensary is in Dayton, Cincinnati, Toledo, Cleveland, Athens, Columbus or anywhere else in Ohio, your licensure requirements remain the same. The state needs to know your building layout to ensure it meets code and places safety and security at the forefront. Incomplete plans have the potential to derail your opportunity to enter the lottery for a dispensary license.

    As a business owner, you know the value in (and the necessity of) doing things yourself. While you might be capable of opening a dispensary on your own — starting with filing the application and down to placing the final product in a display case, the design renderings are not something to risk doing alone. Tackling this portion of the application on your own is complicated and time-consuming and often leads to rejection. Design professionals, like the qualified staff at Sungrown Studio, know how to create comprehensive and properly scaled renderings to give you the best chance of streamlined approval. 

    Staying in Compliance

    Pre-licensure design isn’t the only component you’ll need to apply for a dispensary in Ohio. At Sungrown Studio, our professionals understand the unique needs of dispensary owners and can help with both pre- and post-licensure design components. Our expert designers are familiar with cannabis laws in Ohio and can help ensure that your plan is within compliance. 

    After your licensure, you will be required to maintain certain documentation and renderings. Any changes that you plan to make to your dispensary or upgrades can be easily accommodated by our professionals. Our pre-licensure design package includes everything you need to get started, but we also have packages available to help you meet ongoing compliance requirements.

    Ohio Dispensary Pre-Licensure Design Packages

    While dispensaries in Ohio can be very profitable, the cost to open and operate can be much higher than other non-cannabis businesses. While our fully customizable and highly comprehensive design packages can be designed to fit higher-level budgets, the pre-licensure package includes the things you need to start your business and can be priced affordably. We deliver designs directly to you, and once you’ve gone through the pre-licensure process, you’ll have a credit that can be used for a full design that is good for 12 months. 

    The semi-custom package meets the needs for the licensing design requirements in your business plan. We offer photorealistic renderings that can be included with the application as well as customization to meet your specific layout and square footage needs. The interior and exterior rendering are also now included with your package! 

    The floor plan will have: 

    • Cash wrap location
    • Feature walls 
    • Location of fixtures
    • Security elements
    • Traffic flow
    • Vault 
    • Additional elements based on the size and your requirements

    Photorealistic renderings have: 

    • An image of your dispensary 
    • Fixtures
    • Lighting elements
    • Logo 
    • Brand placement throughout
    • Branding based on your design 
    • Fixtures

    The Experience to Back it Up

    The Sungrown Studio team has years of combined experience in designing interior and exterior business spaces. Things that inspire and inform our designs include:

    • Brand elements (colors and textures that speak to the personality of your brand)
    • Customer experience and engagement
    • Art and color theory
    • Accessibility
    • Approachability
    • Challenging layouts
    • Unique building components
    • Boutique spaces
    • Complex designs
    • Employee and operational needs
    • Security & outdoor environments
    • Shipping, delivery, or pickup needs
    • And of course, compliance

    Whether you have plans for a small boutique-style dispensary in Columbus or a bustling metropolitan location like Cleveland, we’ll help you meet the unique design needs of your dispensary.

    We understand the importance of getting your business up and running while also staying within a startup budget. By hand-selecting crucial elements from our completely customizable plans, we’re able to offer an affordable solution for the pre-licensure process. 

    Getting started on your design package is simple. Book your discovery call with Melinda and let’s get started on your Ohio pre-licensure dispensary design!

    Efficient Designs 

    When designing your dispensary in Dayton, Cincinnati, Toledo, Cleveland, Athens, Columbus or anywhere in The Buckeye State, it is crucial to carefully plan the time, money and real estate you commit to the various shop features. It can be difficult to recoup startup costs even in a lucrative industry like cannabis. We understand these demands and work to ensure the design plan can exist within your budget and timeline. 

    Our process for pre-licensure design is efficient to ensure your application for a cannabis license in Ohio is ready to submit on time. We get to work after gathering necessary information and receive your payment. The most crucial information we need from you includes:

    • Your (potential) application date
    • The street address for your new dispensary
      We understand many business owners have not yet purchased their Ohio dispensary or even signed a lease, so we can create a plan based on a real estate listing. At this point, exact measurements are not needed for floor plans.
    • Information on special features you want your dispensary to include
      Our clients often want order fulfillment elements, curbside pickup, drive-through, medical consultation and waiting rooms. We’re also able to include elements related to social distancing requirement.
    • Your results from the Sungrown Style Quiz (found here).
    • Any brand information you have available
      This includes fonts, logos and color schemes. 
    • Your payment with a debit or credit card 

    Ready to get started? We are too! Click here to get started.

    About Sungrown Studio

    With years of experience in the interior design industry, our CEO Melanie Coddington shifted to put her expertise to use in the cannabis industry. Now as one of the West Coast’s most trusted design experts, she helps dispensary owners create approachable spaces where customers can feel relaxed and welcome. While she serves clients everywhere in California and the United States, she calls Humboldt County home. 

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