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Light It Up

If a paint color is the makeup, lighting is the jewelry. The super functional, beautiful jewelry that can set your CBD/Cannabis/Hemp dispensary apart from all the others. Highlight a special product, encourage the selfie wall or guide your shoppers through the space, dispensary lighting is a commonly overlooked but critical design element to your space. Here are a few tricks to get the most out of your lighting, as well as a few new fixtures we are loving.

Don’t Feel The Burn

Sure, that one wattage sucking fixture is beautiful, but if you need 12 of them you may be looking at a light that just doesn’t make financial sense. Building codes are ever-changing, but the best way to make sure you are in compliance is to go LED: less or zero maintenance and high lumens without the energy consumption. Lumens is how LED’s are measured for brightness, not watts. As an example, an LED light that emits 600 lumens is approximately as bright as a 60-watt incandescent bulb. Environmental Lights is a great source for finding energy efficient retail and dispensary lighting of all types.

Just Chill Enough

Worried about the ugly (think hospital lights) color temperature of LED’s? The ideal range to aim for is 3500K-4500K. The color temp of your bulbs will greatly affect how your product looks on the shelf, and the mood you’re creating. See how you can make an ugly kitchen even uglier with the wrong color temperature? Trust us, it matters.

color temperature

Types of Dispensary Lighting

All successfully lit spaces consist of three layers of lighting. If you can incorporate all three types of dispensary lighting, your retail space will instantly appear more vibrant, functional and professional.

Indirect Lighting – These are the ceiling cans or discreet pendants that give you a wash of light, general lighting. They are generally nondescript and cost efficient.

Direct Lighting – Direct lighting will be your chandeliers, pendants and pretty fixtures that light a specific thing. Examples are chandeliers over the flower tables or pendants in the CBD area.

Task Lighting – These lights are specific to a task, like an art light or a wall sconce. They can also be pendants at the cash wrap if they throw enough light in a dim area. Add rope lighting to your shelves to highlight your product and make your packaging pop.

Our Top Picks

Brushed brass has made a huge comeback, along with specialty metals like polished nickel and brushed copper. We love energy friendly LED options paired with a great metal in a modern way.

dispensary lightingCloud/Ohr Lighting

dispensary lightingBola Disc LED/Pablo Pardo

lighting fixturesFloat/Articolo

lighting fixturesHuron Multi/Kuzco

Call a Pro

Electricians are your friends, and they’re great friends to have! Hire a reputable electrician. They may not be the least expensive, but hiring a professional to install your dispensary lighting will save you money in the future by doing it right the first time.

Want some help figuring out a new lighting plan for your dispensary? We are happy to help! Book a Free Discovery call with a designer to learn more about how we can work with you.

About Sungrown Studio

We are committed to create luxurious and functional retail design for cannabis dispensaries.

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Sungrown stands for nurturing small artisanal crafts with emphasis on quality and luxury. The plant has always belonged to the people, and we want to help small cannabis owners make money doing what they love.

Featured image: Harvest House of Cannabis, Bismarck ND

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