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Dispensary Design Trends


Welcome to Vermont as the most recent state to legalize recreational use! Are you starting up a dispensary in Vermont? Adding rec to your menu and inventory? Want to give your dispensary an identity and some brand recognition? Change up your layout to be more recreational friendly? Now is the perfect time to design (or redesign) your space and optimize your dispensary.


Being one of the few dispensary only interior design firms, we get to gauge style and trends specific to the industry, and across the country. It’s a great place to be, not limited to one state or region. We look closely at what our customers want and tailor the design to comply with heavy laws, security and regulations. Even with all the mandated regs, we incorporate beautiful design, perfect traffic flow and unmatched product placement.


Credit: Sungrown Studio/Twig

Your first place to make a lasting impression is the entry/waiting room area. Our clients know what their customers want, a place to check the menu, check in on social media and a security check as well. Waiting rooms have gone from rope lines to comfy, beautiful mini lounge areas packed full of tech. Think menu screens and ipads for easy online ordering. The waiting room is a great spot for that selfie and #’s. This is a great spot since it doesn’t eat into the selling floor or jam foot traffic. Check out this fantastic guide to creating your own unique selfie spot HERE.


Check out these awesome features found in some amazing dispensaries. Having a special feature or surprise WOW sets these dispensaries apart from the average.

Credit: Sungrown Studio/Flora Terra, Photography: Vivian Johnson

Flora Terra gives their customers a live peek into their growing and manufacturing facility. We designed a simple picture window to connect the client to the product in a farm to table sort of way.

Credit: Sand Studios/Garden Of Eden, Alameda

Living walls, interior or exterior, are an eye catching connection to the plant and the origin of the industry. People love them. Why do one wall when you can do the whole building?

Credit: The Spot 420, Pueblo

Neon gets a facelift. Take down the tacky weed theme plug ins and check out this tasteful neon runner lighting application and logo pops.


A sad paint can wreck the mood you’re trying to create in your shop. Check out our top paint recommendations and fave combos HERE. Whether you’re trying to create a zen feel, an exciting uplifting experience or a clean white medical atmosphere, paint and color selection is your best friend and your least expensive tool.

Need help connecting all the crush worthy trends into a design for your dispensary? Not sure what your style is? Take our fun Style Quiz HERE and then book your free Design Map Session with your designer. We would love to help you & talk with you.

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