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    Cannabis Dispensary Designs

    Sungrown Studio

    The best boutiques and dispensaries are experiential. When customers walk in the door, they should immediately feel inspired and appreciate the beauty and comfort of their surroundings. Your cannabis dispensary design should make them want to stay and spend more time in the space. And when your customers are comfortable, they will take time to explore each product and to engage with budtenders and other customers. They will often walk away with more than they intended, return more frequently and tell their friends.

    It’s not easy to create the perfect cannabis dispensary design that will reflect your brand and sell your products. Colors, textures, floor plans, fixtures, furniture — every single detail affects the efficacy and vibe of the space. The mere idea of starting an interior design from scratch or even remodeling an existing dispensary can create overwhelm, fear, uncertainty and costly mistakes.

    Save yourself and protect your budget. We have a unique combination of luxury and cannabis experience. Together we will realize your creative vision — always within your budget and on time — so you can create a dream-worthy and profitable retail store.

    Why hire Sungrown Studio?

    Four Reasons to Hire Sungrown:

    • Flat Fees
    • Quick Turnaround- (6-9 week delivery)
    • Luxurious and Functional Design No Matter the Space
    • VIP bonuses for Social Equity Applicants

    cannabis dispensary designs

    Your dispensary should not only be a place where your clients can feel comfortable and welcomed but it should also be a reflection of your personality and commitment to a higher-end experience. We know how to nail your vision and create an cannabis dispensary design unlike any other.