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    Design Fixes That Don’t Require a Shutdown

    You know when you’re remodeling your home, there are definitely different levels of construction. Simple DIY weekend projects like installing a few shelves in the front closet all the way up to a full blown kitchen remodel where you’ll want to move out for at least 4-6 weeks. Hopping over to a hotel is relatively easy, but what do you do when it’s your business going under construction?

    Worst case scenario, you’ve got to close your doors until it’s done.

    As you know, this kills sales, profit and the momentum you’ve been building since you opened.

    So maybe a few carefully planned fixes can remedy your space without a massive disruption? This week I want to show you some great tips, tricks and methods to a dispensary mini makeover that will keep your doors open and create a fresh look.

    Don’t Look Up

    Your ugly popcorn panel drop ceilings. You know what I’m talking about. It may seem like a massive pain to redo a ceiling, but a decent contractor can do the replacement or refresh job in usually a few hours (after the store closes). The value added (a gorgeous, stylish focal point) will be more worth it & you’ll wish you’d done it sooner!

    • If your panels aren’t popcorn and have a decent finish, painting them a clean matte color can make a huge difference. One of our go-to colors is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee in Waterborne Ceiling Paint in Ultra Flat. It has magical properties that hide the flaws.
    • Ever think of a wood ceiling? Armstrong’s Woodhaven line now makes wood finish panels that snap into your existing grid to give you a finished ceiling look without the 80’s office vibe.
    • Need some echo control too? Kirei Eco Fold panels easily drop into an existing grid, provide amazing acoustic balance, are made from recycled bottles and come in an awesome array of colors and sizes. From basic to bold. They’re amazing.

    Checkout Your Checkout

    Maybe the countertop selected for your checkout & cash wrap area isn’t wearing as well as expected. Let’s face it, they take a lot of abuse and get max usage. Good news, a countertop swap is EASY and can be done in a few hours. Most fabricators will come out, measure and make a template. You pick your new material and they build it off site. They come back and install it, usually in less than a few hours. Done.

    • A great option is natural stone in a honed finish. Ask for a square edge to keep the look simple and classic. We love a stone that has less movement and color, like Absolute White. Durable and easily cleanable.
    • Concrete counter tops can be fabricated in the same way with little to no time out of commission. While the cost is greater than stone or quartzite, the look is really stunning and can be mixed into every style from Urban Cool to Calm & Clean.

    Light The Way

    Ok, I know I talk about lighting in almost every blog. YES! It is that important! Ignoring the ugly fixtures that you inherited from the previous tenant is not working for you. Chances are, if they’re over 10 years old they’re probably not doing you any favors in the efficiency department either.

    • Recessed, canless wafer lights are a great way to update an old can look with super efficient LED’s that also have a nice color temperature. You don’t feel like you’re in an operating room, but the color is also crisp enough that your bud will look fresh and green versus mucky brown. Super easy to install, your electrician will thank you.
    • Add some in-cabinet or under shelf lighting. A simple solid LED rope light can make a boring fixture pop.
    • Swap out those borning cash wrap pendants for something with personality and style. Remember, lighting is like the jewelry of the store & it says more about you than you think. The checkout area is a great spot for a slam dunk WOW moment.
    • How about your selfie wall? Could it use some great up lighting or down spots to make the customer’s pic even better? How about adding a color filter to an existing fixture to add some drama? Now we’re talking about a refresh you can DIY in minutes.

    Be The Change You Want to See

    So all the above tips have come from what I see personally when shopping or while reviewing a client’s existing space.

    I don’t want to shop in a place that looks hastily thrown together, showing wear and tear or somewhere that feels dark and questionable. Nobody does. Understanding that not all upgrades require a lengthy and costly renovation is the first step to fixing the issues.

    Another key point to remember is that planning ahead will save you in the long run. Anything that can be done off site and then simply installed is a much easier remedy than say, ripping it all out and waiting for materials to arrive. Or getting on a contractor’s schedule. You’ve heard of all the labor and material shortages and shipping delays happening right now. Be smart. Plan ahead and order early.