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    Decking the Dispensary Halls

    Welcome to the most wonderful time of the retail year! So maybe decorating your shop for the holidays falls low, way low, on your list or priorities. If you’re planning a fast run to the local craft shop for some window stickers, string of lights and temporary inflatables- this blog is for you. We’ve pulled together some simple, effortless and WOW holiday decor you need to buy right now to get your customers in the spending mood.

    Since you’re already short on time, KISS. (Keep it simple and scary). Aim for a white and black theme with accessories like LED candles, door webbing and a few carefully placed skeletons. Hit the apothecary jar aisle and add these printable labels. They will look great as a table display or intermixed with your cases, Who doesn’t love a table display bowl full of eyeballs?

    Cannabis is Kosher. The Torah states that “every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of the Earth” is free rein for use. Let’s follow the rules on this one. Judaism has a longstanding tradition of incorporating cannabis into rituals, from ancient times to the present, and the festival of lights is no exception. Here are a few great ways to decorate your dispensary for Hanukkah.

    I’m a firm believer that festive and elegant is the way to go. Add a beautiful menorah or two to your space along with blue felt pom garlands.

    Time to pack up the skeletons and get ready for Kwanzaa and Christmas. The three colors of Kwanzaa are red, green and black. Usually the kinara is a centerpiece on a hearth or a table, but can easily be placed at your cash wrap or a display table. Add some beautiful printed linens. Swap out your standard impulse item baskets for a handmade, African woven basket from Expedition Subsahara. They’re so beautiful you’ll use them year after year.

    A great holiday display has got to be fun and creates a mood for your customer. (A mood to hangout a little longer, get in the spirit of the season and oh yeah… buy gifts for friends and loved ones.) We are always big fans keeping the decor simple, but stunning and even a little cheeky. Mistletoe ball made with bud? Wouldn’t Santa love a plate of edibles?

    If you’re short on space (floor and storage) but still want a festive tree, check out a wall tree. We also love a good front window display that doesn’t take a week to set up. Here are some great reusable window clings to grab those first impressions. Maybe you have a great flow already going and you don’t want to mess it up with a lot of floor decorations- got an ugly drop ceiling too? Check out these winter wonderland LED starlights for your ceiling. They can even stay up through the New Year.