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Crystal Ball ’21


We love our job. It’s an amazing process to take someone from the dreamy idea in their head all the way to the finish line, across the country and across the border as well. We love how much you care about your customers and how you want your dispensary to be a direct mirror of what they’re really looking for. We love elevating this industry, one space at a time. Turning away from the sad, dark, blah pot shops that make the soccer moms keep driving. Moving past the hastily thrown together retail floor and making these spaces belong to your community. That’s what we love. We see amazing things happening this year. A shift in how your customers shop, why they shop and who is shopping, changing the direction of the industry. Here’s a peek at our crystal ball and what we think will be the hot dispensary design trends for 2021.

Chill and Learn

Biggest trend coming is that dispensaries will not just be a stop & shop. Customers care where their products come from, how they’re made and how they can use them better. They are aching for education on cannabis. We see spaces moving to not just retail, but educational areas. The space we designed above leaves a flexible seating area so when they have speakers and events, you’re not moving cases or displays. It also has a definite yoga studio feel, restorative and healing. Calm. We see many many more of this style coming soon.

A Destination Dispensary

So the #1 word I hear on calls with potential clients is destination. You want your customer to associate their at home use with your shop and love how they feel while they’re there. We know this goes way beyond employees and service. Your design plays a critical role here. We have designed spaces that take you away to somewhere else entirely. Here’s something completely unexpected and amazing that we just created for a wonderful client in Oklahoma. Looks like Miami, doesn’t it? Let’s take our customers somewhere fun and memorable.

CREDIT: SUNGROWN STUDIO; Oklahoma Project, License in progress

Unconventional Buildings

You know a great location when you see it. But maybe the space you’re looking at doesn’t look like most dispensaries out there? We LOVE an unconventional space. This automatically makes your dispensary a place people have just got to experience for themselves. We have renovated everything from strip malls to 100+ yr old victorian houses into gorgeous spaces which function as perfectly as if you built it from scratch. The charm, the history and the story behind the space matters to people. It matters to us and we love using it to enhance your brand. Check this one out in Michigan.

CREDIT: SUNGROWN STUDIO; Michigan Project, 2nd floor, License in progress

CREDIT: SUNGROWN STUDIO; Michigan Project, 1st floor, License in progress

Show the Grow

If you have the unique opportunity to show your growing space, DO IT. Customers want to walk through Willy Wonka’s factory. If possible- give them a golden ticket tour! This feeds into customers wanting hands on knowledge of what they consume. Plus, it’s cool. Have an edibles kitchen? Think bakery style windows showing the people behind the treats. We are going to see a ton of this going forward. Here is Flora Terra giving their customers a live peek into their beautiful facility. Farm to table here folks.

Credit: Sungrown Studio/Flora Terra, Photography: Vivian Johnson

We are so ready to hop on a Design Map Session with you and get you moving forward this year. We’d love to learn your story, your why and where and make it happen for you & your team. Ready to Take our fun Style Quiz HERE. Questions on how we work? Check our website!