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Confidently Charge Your Worth

This past week I had the amazing experience of being a panel speaker at the Women in Plant Medicine Summit, through Haus of Jane. It was a beautiful blend of women from all different parts of the cannabis, cbd and hemp industries. Medical nurses, growers, dispensary owners…they were all there.

I shared the values of my company: DO GOOD. BE WELL. MAKE MONEY. We dove into the slightly taboo topic of making money.

One piece of my coaching advice that seems to resonate with women: You are likely worth much much more than you are currently charging. Here is a GREAT resource to help you take the next step in raising your rates to clients with confidence.


  1. Decide you are worth it
  2. Do the math
  3. Practice your new price
  4. Confidently make your case (win-win)
  5. Say goodbye to people who won’t pay your new prices!

Resource: The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

Practicing your new price? SAY IT OUT LOUD. A lot. Get comfortable with the number and there is zero reason to apologize for it. Tell your mirror, best friend, your cat- anyone who will listen. Practicing it makes it real.

What if I price myself out of my field? How do I compete if my prices are too high?

Raising your rates is scary, but competing on price never works (ask anyone who has ever gone up against Amazon). The lowest prices in town attract the lowest paying customers. . When you value your unique talents and strengths and charge accordingly, the business will come and you will have success.

These are some of the action items I think are of great value in when talking about money in the hemp/cannabis/cbd industries. Want to learn more? Join our amazing Sungrown Society FB Group: Women Who Lead in Weed.

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