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CBD friendly spas in the US you need to experience

Great cannabis retail interior design is not limited to dispensaries and consumption spaces. We all know the benefits the plant has on our bodies and the incredible wellness effects. It makes perfect sense to incorporate cannabis into our daily health routines. CBD & THC infused products from cuticle cream to bath bombs have cropped up just about everywhere you look. You already know that not all of the products you see out there are of the highest quality. (read labels and ask questions folks!) Or maybe you’re not quite taking the time and care to use them to their fullest capacity. You know, daily life.

Ever dream of a trip to a special spa where the pro’s pamper and educate you with effective, reputable products in an IG worthy setting? Soak your toes while enjoying a lovely House of Saka mimosa? Ready to indulge in high end products that make you feel pampered and fancy in a gorgeous setting?

What time do we leave?

The floorplan of a salon is really simple and sadly has not changed much since the 90’s. A spa is basically zoned into private, semi-public and public spaces and also wet and dry locations. I can envision the introduction of on site consumption morphing the overall design into a quasi dispensary/consumption lounge/spa mashup. With style. (I’ve been secretly designing one in my head for a few years now.) Salon and spas have become social places where friends gather to relax, reconnect and feel great. Retreat together. How great would it be to add a little legal consumption?

Here are a few retreat spas that may not quite be the dispensary spa of our dreams, but are already incorporating cannabis health and wellness into their offerings and have beautiful and memorable design elements.

Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa (Napa Valley)

Calistoga Moonacre Spa & Baths. Don’t let the phrase “motor lodge” fool you. This CBD Spa is nothing like a motor lodge you’ve seen before. The Moonacre Spa & Baths at Calistoga is a wonderfully designed, fun retreat spot. CBD soak and massage to restore the body after a workout, or simply to reduce stress. Hemp derived products are used in many services. I like the fresh bath feel. Using mini retro patterned tiles and vintage looking claw footed treatment tubs reflect the 50’s/60’s vibe found in the rest of the resort, renovated about four years ago. They also boast mineral pools and an outdoor yoga space.

St. Regis Remede (Aspen)

St. Regis Remede Spa. Definitely the place to splurge. Remede Spa offers high quality CBD upgrades to any treatment. They are in a local partnership with a hemp company called That’s Natural!, which specializes in oils, lotions and salves. As far as design, Remede has a beautiful heavy wood feel in a contemporary way. They have mixed rich toned wood patterns and dotted the space with light elements like accessories, Typically heavy, deep toned woods lean “masculine”. But the creative use of light and “feminine” forms will make any guest feel relaxed and comfortable. The balance of elements is key throughout the spa, from the reception area to the waterfall room. The St. Regis is tucked in the mountainside and (of course) has amazing views of the snow packed peaks.

Waldorf Astoria Spa at Las Vegas

Waldorf Astoria Spa. Heading to Vegas? Nevada law does not allow CBD to be administered anywhere near a gaming hotel, but there are plenty of amazing resorts to explore. In May of last year, the NSBMT (Nevada State Board of Massage Therapy) passed a bill which allows therapists to topically apply CBD, and the Waldorf Astoria Spa added a CBD enhancement to its massages the very next month. “We did a tremendous amount of research as we considered adding the enhancement,” says Waldorf Astoria’s senior spa director, Jennifer Lynn. “It’s non-psychoactive and anti-inflammatory, and because the CBD massage cream we use is really effective with cumulative use, we designed it so that you’d take the cream with you after your treatment.”

While the laws vary greatly from state to state and cannabis friendly spas aren’t allowed everywhere (just yet), great retail cannabis design inspiration and ancillary business opportunities can come from nearly anywhere. We love dreaming up great concepts that marry the plant we love with the beautiful interiors we excel at creating.