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    Capturing your ideal clients Part 1- How design attracts loyal boomers

    Silverpeak Apothecary, Aspen Colorado

    Boomers are a major driving consumer market in the cannabis market and hold a great amount of power. So why do they shop here and not there? What can we do to bring them in, keep them spending and come back as a loyal, repeat customer?

    First we need to take a peek at how the generation shops and what they value when shopping.

    WD partners did all the work for us in a great 2020 study (and graphic) which spells out what boomers value most. They’re comparing boomers to millennials, the other force in the consumer cannabis industry. We will talk about millennial magnets in a later blog post.

    Unsurprisingly, the instore experience and perceived price and value held great worth to the 60+ crowd. This is really important to understand- How does my dispensary stack up and what sort of experience am I giving them? Opening your doors and turning on the sign isn’t enough.

    There is a lot we can do from a design angle that draws the boomers in.

    Merchandising is high on our list. There can be an anxiety level involved, especially for a first time or new patient/customer. Having to read too many mini info cards or packaging overload is exhausting and visually looks pretty bad. We suggest less words and more interaction. Budtenders are great listeners, can recommend the right product and educate more than any tiny card.

    Crash list for great merchandising to boomers:

    • Menu boards should be clear, well organized and fairly static. If the screen keeps flipping to the next thing before they’re done reading, people get annoyed and don’t buy. And they don’t come back.
    • Focus on merch and add ons that promote overall wellness.
    • Keep packaging consistent and simple.
    • You don’t need to put it all out there. There is a perceived value that something is worth more or maybe the best choice if there aren’t 50 right behind it. Visually it also declutters the shelf and looks neater.

    Seven Point by La Tortilleria, Chicago Illinois

    Here’s a great quote from La Tortilleria’s co-founder, Zita Arcq with regards to packaging. “So many people have this idea that cannabis is something bad, But if [science] had just discovered this plant today, without its long history, we would consider it some sort of superfood. So we wanted to take a very different approach—one that wouldn’t limit its appeal to teenagers.”

    Dutchman Flat, San Francisco California

    Comfort is key with any customer, but especially boomers. The waiting area needs to be a space to relax and maybe browse through some product info. Retired shoppers generally want a luxurious experience, so here is the place to spend a little more on the upgraded (comfy) chair cushions or designer lighting. Keep your dispensary on brand by adding seating and premium light fixtures in the main dispensary area also.

    Keep tech easy to navigate. If your order fulfillment pickup lockers are really complicated, the hassle of it will turn off a lot of customers. Easy to use screens are a must on any kiosk/ cannabis vending machine. That’s not really an age specific request either. Everyone benefits from user friendly tech.

    Citiva, Brooklyn New York

    Add an element of perceived value to your products through thoughtful merchandising and overall comfort in your dispensary. Pair that with easy tech and hands on budtenders who take special care to listen to your customers, promote wellness and education and you will have a thriving dispensary with the boomer generation.