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Pre-Licensure Design for New Jersey, New York and Vermont

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It’s no secret that East Coast states have been warming up to the idea of cannabis legalization in recent years. Vermont has been slowly chipping away at cannabis legislation since the early 2000s, but states like New York and New Jersey have just recently offered up new initiatives resulting in pending legalization in various forms. This means that the need for dispensaries is increasing, and with it, the need to source design plans and finalize pre-licensure tasks.

Getting a cannabis license in New Jersey, New York or Vermont can be a trying process. Along with the typical business licensing processes, if you plan to open a dispensary, you must meet additional requirements and provide detailed information about your business plans. One crucial aspect required in the business plan is your dispensary floor plans and pre-licensure designs

Importance of Design Plan

As part of obtaining a cannabis license in New York, New Jersey or Vermont, you’ll need to include a design plan with your application. The state has the final say on whether a dispensary is approved or not, but your dispensary will stand a better chance of getting approval with a clear and comprehensive design plan. While this plan is necessary for licensure, it will also prove to be a valuable asset in the planning stages of your dispensary. 

Many business owners are DIY-savvy and may be tempted to do their design plan themselves. You may be hoping to squeak by with a hand-drawn sketch or even one created using free software (if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll immediately recognize what a nightmare it can be to use these programs). Your dispensary is your business and that also means your income, this is one area you won’t want to leave up to the possibility of DIY-gone-wrong.

Dispensary Compliance

Whether you need pre- or post-licensure design, working with professionals from Sungrown Studios means you will work alongside expert designers, well-versed in cannabis laws by state, to develop your dispensary plan. This may be one of the most critical and often overlooked aspects of securing the right design team to develop your plans. Compliance, at this or any stage, is of utmost importance, which is why Sungrown Studios, which specializes in cannabis industry brick and mortar design across the United States and the world is the right choice in developing your dispensary design plans.

Pre-Licensure Packages

Even though the cost of opening a dispensary in New York, New Jersey, or Vermont is typically lower than in high-cost locations like California, it can still burn through a lot of capital. Pre-licensure packages — compared to fully customizable and more comprehensive design packages — are an affordable way for potential dispensary owners to get the design elements they need. Our designers will work to create semi-custom deliverables that you can use for licensure. Each pre-licensure package also includes a credit toward your full design if purchased within 12 months. 

Our semi-custom plan provides everything you’ll need for the design component on your application. The floor plan and photorealistic renderings can be included with your applications. We customize each plan to your floor’s specific layout and square footage. If required for your application, we can also provide exterior plans for an additional fee.

Each cannabis dispensary pre-licensure floor plan includes: 

  • Traffic flow
  • Fixtures
  • Security
  • Feature walls
  • Cash wrap location
  • Vault
  • Additional features based on the space’s size and your design requirements

Each cannabis dispensary photorealistic rendering includes: 

  • Image of your dispensary
  • Lighting
  • Fixtures
  • Accessories
  • Logo
  • Branding 
  • Brand placement in merchandising location

Efficiency in Design

Time and money are of the essence when planning your dispensary. We understand that this process needs to happen within your budget and timeline. Our efficient process ensures that your pre-licensure plan will be ready by the time your application is due. Once we receive all the necessary information, we’ll get to work on your plans and collaborate with you along the way. 

Working alongside Sungrown Studio designers streamlines the process of planning your dispensary from start to finish. The steps start with:

  1. Your proposed application date
  2. Your dispensary’s street address. If you have not purchased or leased your space yet, we can create your plan based on a real estate listing. We do not need exact measurements for floor plans just yet.
  3. Details on special features you want in your dispensary. Popular options include order fulfillment, curbside pickup, drive-thru windows, medical consult areas and waiting rooms.
  4. Results from the Sungrown style quiz.
  5. Branding information including logos and color schemes
  6. Payment by debit or credit card. Get started now!

Getting your cannabis dispensary license in New York, New Jersey or Vermont can be an aggravating process. Submitting your design plan should be the least of your worries. The Sungrown professionals make the process simple and efficient.

Trusted Experience, Contemporary Design

Utilizing the professional interior & dispensary design experience of the Sungrown Studio team is not just a way to check off your pre-licensure task list, it’s a sound investment in branding your business and ensures your customers have an experience worth remembering.

Elegance with approachability is an art form but is essential to every dispensary nonetheless. Whether you’re operating a small and intimate dispensary in a small town or a booming multi-location business spanning several cities, we will help build out a design that complements your brand and your space. The designers at Sungrown Studios have experience designing with challenging layout components, small spaces, or complex floor plans. The end result will always be compliant, comfortable, and well-designed.

We’ve pared down our proprietary and completely customizable design approach to help clients in the pre-licensure phases of business, because we know how much it matters. We work with budgets of all sizes, and are happy to include perks at each level. Getting your cannabis license in Vermont, New Jersey, or New York can be a smooth process with the right team in place. Let Sungrown Studios show you the way.

Are you ready to get started on your design? Book your free design map session with Melinda for information on how we can help you in New York, New Jersey or Vermont.

Need assistance with the licensing process? Sign up to receive a free Minority and Women-Owned Licensing Consultants list. This list will include consultants from each state in the U.S., including those that are newly legal. You’ll receive this list when it has been completed.

About Sungrown Studio

Sungrown Studios CEO, Melanie Coddington, founded Sungrown Studios as the answer to a problem dispensaries were experiencing as the cannabis industry boomed. After starting her first interior design studio in 2005, she quickly rose up as one of the most trusted interior designers on the West Coast. She served clients from Palo Alto to Los Angeles but called Humboldt County home. With her experience in interior design and lifestyle experiences living in the “Napa Valley” of cannabis, Melanie cultivated design experiences unlike any other. She brings this experience for those seeking a cannabis license in New York, New Jersey and Vermont.

Sungrown’s Studio Design Director Melinda Yoo got her start in high-end residential interior design in the northwest suburbs of Chicago as an ASID Senior Designer. There she learned to work with clients and problem solve. After moving from Texas, Melinda came to Sungrown Studios in 2019 to create inspired spaces.

We create healing and fun environments that reflect your brand and unique style, and we work in all states where cannabis is legal. Speak with one of our talented designers about your dispensary today.


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