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    Seven Reasons to Hire a Cannabis Interior Designer for Your Dispensary

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    An interior designer that specializes in cannabis dispensary designs can make a world of difference for your bottom line. We’ve compiled seven reasons you should hire a cannabis interior designer and why it matters for the long-term health of your business.

    #1. Design brings results.

    An impeccable design naturally attracts clients, as pleasant aesthetics make them feel secure, welcomed and pampered. Per statistics, 43% of consumers are likely to spend more with a retailer who offers a meaningful in-store experience, while 46% identify the environment as the key element of a meaningful shopping experience.

    When a dispensary is carefully crafted, store owners are able to optimize every inch of space and create a relaxing and luxurious environment where clients can take their time to explore each product and engage with budtenders and other patrons. This often leads to additional purchases, more frequent returns, and a higher likelihood of conversational mention to friends and family.

    #2. Change the cannabis conversation. 

    More than 70% of women believe there is still a negative stigma attached to using cannabis; this is especially true among mothers. Therefore, the reported number of women users is likely skewed. Due to fear of judgment, 66% of female cannabis consumers reportedly hide their usage. Enlisting a cannabis interior designer for your dispensary is a key step to overcoming this mindset, as well as the overall conversation about cannabis. Instead of “a dark pot shop” stereotype, appeal to an upscale clientele and expand the potential of the industry. A beautiful dispensary design can ultimately help break the taboo of consistent cannabis consumption.

    #3. Stand out of the crowd or set the luxury bar.

    Whether your demographic is in an established market or cannabis is newly legalized in your area, hiring a cannabis interior designer for your dispensary can elevate the client experience. Consider Oregon, which is home to more than 600 dispensaries. And Oklahoma, which already has the second most dispensaries per capita, equaling about 15.6 dispensaries per 100,000 residents — and the medical marijuana law only passed in summer 2018! Additionally, Illinois and Minnesota are considered strong contenders for further upcoming legalization.

    The best brick and mortar locations are designed (and re-designed) after careful observation and with the client’s best interests in mind. By reflecting on your mission, brand and aesthetic, Melanie Coddington Mesa and her interior design team at Sungrown Studio will create a personalized interior that is fresh, polished, artful and functional — and ultimately stands out from the crowd.

    #4. Craft client experience. 

    Creating an inspirational, beautified environment based on comfort and chic surroundings is essential to attracting and retaining high-end clients. Constructed design and ambiance foster the desire to remain in a place by using attention to detail such as colors, textures, floor plans, fixtures, furniture and more. When the shopping experience is luxurious and intuitive, clients become loyal to not only your product but the accompanying experience. Perfect the luxury cannabis experience in your style and vision.

    #5. Explore options. 

    In the past, cannabis purveyors were scarce; stores could look bad and function terribly but business would still flourish. Now, retail design standards are becoming more elevated, and clients prefer light, open and friendly atmospheres. The methods of creating lavish spaces are limitless: modern, posh, mid-century and industrial dispensary design, alongside accessible merchandise, plant viewing windows, bar areas, lounge seating, subtle branding, playful elements, logo incorporation and natural fusions. Instead of making costly mistakes or being overwhelmed and uncertain, utilize the expertise of Melanie Coddington Mesa for elegant yet approachable sensibility for dispensary design.

    #6. Connect with communities.

    Sungrown Studio is a women-owned and operated cannabis dispensary design studio. Appointing this cannabis interior designer for your dispensary is a solid opportunity to connect with other women-run businesses, artists, designers, as well as small and local businesses. Creating these connections allows for cross-promotional opportunities and develops networks, opening the door to easier adaption to the changing legal cannabis market.

    #7. Solve problems with professionalism. 

    Common issues when creating inviting cannabis havens include physical limitations such as space size, prefabricated metal buildings and minimal natural light. Location problems can involve creating a luxurious sanctuary within a bustling retail area. Overall concerns often include budget, security, flow and space flexibility, while appealing to a multigenerational medicinal and recreational market.

    Through renderings, virtual consultations, custom design plans and style consultations, Melanie and her Sungrown Studio team expertly design dispensaries in all states with medical cannabis and anywhere the cannabis plant is legal. Melanie has been featured in DwellArchitectural DigestHGTVLuxe Interiors + DesignThe San Francisco Chronicle and Traditional Home.

    Sungrown Studio Cannabis Dispensary Interior Design

    Build a a loyal and engaged upscale clientele by creating a retreat-like destination with focused branding and creative use of shape and light, high-end finishes, clean lines, flexibility for events and more. Define your style and your target client when building new or remodeling an existing dispensary by partnering with Sungrown Studio, the premier cannabis dispensary interior design studio.

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