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    How to Design Your Cannabis Dispensary (An Overview)

    cannabis dispensary design process | design draft

    With legalization comes a demand to stand out in an increasingly competitive market of retail cannabis dispensaries. From redesigns to ground-up builds, when approaching the design or your dispensary there’s an array of details to consider. From the entrance area to the actual shop, lighting to layout, you’ll want to create a thoughtful, welcoming and tastefully designed environment for your customers. But where do you begin? From boutique dispensaries to chain establishments, below is an overview of the cannabis dispensary design process outlining the essentials to help you stand out and enhance your overall customer experience.  

    Have a Clear & Compelling Brand Identity

    An impactful brand identity goes beyond color palettes and logo design in post-prohibition dispensary design. From the parking lot to visual merchandising, the magic is in the details and the design of your cannabis dispensary should be unique to you and your brand and always communicating with consumers.

    What story are you trying to tell with your cannabis dispensary design? What’s your dispensary’s mission and vision? What is the core message you are trying to convey? Being able to answer these fundamental questions can help ensure that you are curating the best possible experience for your customers and help you make an impact while doing so. 

    Understand Your Market

    Using design features to communicate your company’s core values provides invaluable opportunities to connect with the consumers in your target market. Everyone from the canna curious to long-time aficionado relies on that connection. Which is the whole point, isn’t it? Connecting with consumers in a meaningful way, providing an excellent customer experience, thus establishing and your brand’s identity and securing a strong base of customers? Whether you are located in a highly-regulated market or designing a West Coast recreation/adult use of medicinal cannabis dispensary, it’s equally important to know who your brand is communicating with. Each region is different and a one size fits all approach to dispensary design can leave much to be desired for potential customers. 

    Use Your Real Estate Wisely

    When a dispensary is well designed, they are able to optimize every inch of space to create their customers ultimate desired experience. Whether the goal is relaxation or a more luxurious experience, it’s important to allow room for customers to explore, engage, and educate themselves on products and experiences.

    Speaking of experiences, an impactful trend in dispensary design is the incorporation of experiential marketing. Even though retail owners have a lot of practical decisions to consider when designing their dispensary’s interior, they are still a brand, after all, so the interior design should reflect the personality that’s most authentic the retail dispensary while providing an experience for customers. Be creative. Using furniture, walls, fixtures, you can not only communicate your brand personality but also create a memorable, interactive experience. 

    Hire a Professional Design Team

    One-of-a-kind aesthetics don’t create themselves and you wouldn’t get your haircut from a nurse, would you? So why trust the design of your cannabis dispensary to anyone other than proven and coveted architects of both space and experience? Hiring a team of dedicated design professionals is an excellent way to ensure you execute what we’ve outlined above. This team is who you trust to transform your brand identity into a beautiful retail experience for your target market. 

    Through renderings, consultations (live and virtual), custom design plans and style consultations, Melanie and her team at Sungrown Studio, the premier cannabis dispensary interior design studio, assist you in building your ideal establishment. 

    Cannabis Dispensary Design Process: Executing Together

    Once you’ve decided on your designer, it’s time to execute your concept. Your final concept should include your brand identity, understand your market, use space wisely, and ultimately tell the story of your cannabis dispensary. 

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