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    Need Help with Your Cannabis Dispensary License Application?

    California cannabis business license | cannabis dispensary floor plan

    Before attempting to win a cannabis business license in California, potential dispensary owners must not only submit an application but must also make sure that they meet several state requirements. One state requirement that many dispensary owner-hopefuls get stuck on is the site and facilities plan. Residents hoping to open a dispensary need to have a California dispensary pre-licensure design in place, including a tentative cannabis dispensary floor plan.

    Comprehensive Design Plan 

    When submitting a California cannabis dispensary license application, you must complete all requirements to the state’s satisfaction. Missing even one small part of the application could disqualify it. The design plan for your potential dispensary space is an important part that should not be taken lightly. Creating a quick design with free software or hand sketching it on paper will simply not cut it when you’re in competition for a license with sometimes hundreds of other applicants.

    With a comprehensive pre-licensure design plan for your California dispensary application, you won’t leave anything to chance. Our designs will set you apart from competitors and can be the difference to help you stand out to the Bureau of Cannabis Control. 

    California Dispensary License Compliance

    At Sungrown Studios, dispensary design is our main focus. We work with dispensaries around the country to provide them with expertly designed spaces, but we started out right here in California. We’re familiar with not only the laws governing dispensaries in our home state but also with design techniques, modern approaches and trends that can help your dispensary stand out in the long-term. Not only do we help our clients obtain a dispensary license, but we also ensure they have a professionally-designed and beautiful space that can come to life when the license is awarded.

    We are experienced in dealing with each of the strict dispensary requirements put in place by the state of California, and we are confident that every client design we create is compliant with California cannabis dispensary license requirements.

    Your California Pre-Licensure Package 

    Sungrown Studio pre-licensure packages are designed to ease stress and make the licensing process simpler. The deliverables create a solid foundation and reference point for your dispensary. We understand opening a dispensary is not an inexpensive endeavor. Our clients have a budget and need to move quickly. Our California dispensary pre-licensure design plan is affordable and includes a significant credit toward a full dispensary design if used within 24 months.

    With your California Pre-Licensure Package, you will receive a semi-custom cannabis dispensary floor plan and a photorealistic rendering of your space to include with your California cannabis dispensary business license application. Your design will be based on your space’s actual floor plan and square footage if you already have a location for your dispensary. 

    Your semi-custom cannabis dispensary floor plan will include: 

    • Traffic flow
    • Fixture locations 
    • Feature walls 
    • Security check-in
    • Cash wrap area 
    • Vault 
    • Additional features based on your space and design requirements

    The photorealistic rendering will include: 

    • A clear view of your dispensary 
    • Lighting 
    • Fixtures 
    • Accessories 
    • Your logo and branding in key merchandising locations

    Efficient Process for Your Design Plan 

    Our process is efficient and results in beautiful and high-quality designs. After you purchase your dispensary pre-licensure design plan and provide your project specs, you can expect to receive both your floor plan and rendering in two to three weeks. If this quick turnaround is still not quick enough, please inquire about rush jobs.

    Ready for your design? We need the following to get started:

    1. The date you plan to submit your application 
    2. The street address (including city and state) of your space. You may also submit a link to the real estate listing for your potential space. We do not need measurements for floor plans at this time.
    3. Special features you want in your dispensary like order fulfillment, curbside pickup, drive-thru window, medical consultation, waiting area, etc.
    4. Your Sungrown style quiz results. 
    5. Your logo, color schemes and any other branding materials (if available).
    6. Payment via credit/debit card. Get started today!

    We know the licensing process can be lengthy and frustrating. The last thing you need is added frustration when submitting a design plan. Let us make this process as easy and efficient for you as possible!

    Trusted Experience in Dispensary Design 

    Melanie Coddington founded her first interior design studio in 2005 and became one of the most trusted interior design firms on the West Coast servicing a select clientele from Palo Alto to Los Angeles. A Humboldt County native, Melanie built upon her years of experience and opened Sungrown Studio to serve dispensaries across the country.

    Sungrown Studio brings an elegant yet approachable sensibility to modern dispensary designs. From small and intimate spaces tucked away from busy streets to large-scale and multi-location dispensaries, we help clients hone in on a design that complements their space. No matter the square footage or floor plan, we create cannabis dispensary floor plans that are compliant, comfortable and appropriately designed.

    Your design is an important part of the California cannabis dispensary pre-licensure process. If you do not have a clear floor plan and design prepared, it will hold up your California cannabis business license license and could even put you in jeopardy of missing the opportunity to get licensed. Don’t leave your floor plan to chance. Let Sungrown Studios, your trusted dispensary design studio, create a comprehensive, intentional and beautiful design that reflects your brand.

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