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Boosting year-end sales

We’re always thinking up easy to manage ideas to boost your sales and the end of year/holiday season is no exception. It’s not a given that your sales will be stellar (as much as we’d like to dream it), so it’s always a great idea to not only attract new customers, but metaphorically give a hug to everyone coming through the doors.

We know you’re slammed.
We know you’re not excited to spend more $$ for a seasonal thing.
We don’t want you to embark on a remodel right now.

Here are a few easy, low cost, easy and fast ways to give ‘em that hug.

  1. Time to show your foot traffic customers something “new”. Add a new ‘Staff’s Nice/Naughty List’ rounder or display section. These products can be employee favorites that also have higher profit margins- *wink. This is also a great place to display a unique strain or product that only you carry in your area. Set your dispensary apart from the rest.
  2. Create a mood in your dispensary. Just like a well planned dinner party, the atmosphere guides the mood in any space. Is your brand all wellness and zen-like peace? Or are you a loud, social, party feel? Music is the no-brainer way to set the mood, but scents are just as effective. Try diffusing some well-paired scents that will enhance your atmosphere. And the ultimate ambiance maker; lighting. Again, think of what your vibe is and play it up. We love adding additional focal lights to a space (spotlighting a new, hot product?) )and dimming the general lights if possible. Think of your fave store or restaurant for inspiration.
  3. Make every customer a VIP. What can you add to their experience that costs you next to nothing? Maybe it’s a VIP invite to a new product launch/info talk? Free logo tote bag with a purchase over a certain amount? Turn your budtenders into cannabis personal shopping experts. Do a quick training crash course in providing service at a concierge level. Everyone wants to feel unique, special and cared for. So go beyond the “What can we help you find today” line and really connect.
    Any time you can make your customer’s shopping experience stick in their mind with that amazing feeling of “I LOVE this place”, do it.
  4. Express! If you don’t already, set up a POS as a designated express checkout. Keep the inventory safely close by for fast fulfillment. You can even create an express menu of your hottest items and limit the quick purchases to a dozen or so sku’s. Keep the traffic flow moving and avoid any of those long, annoying lines for your customers. This POS may also double as online order pickup. Your customers will love that you value their time and can offer them an effortless shopping experience.

Guess what makes these simple upgrades even better? They’re actually not end of year- holiday specific. You can do any of these, any combo, anytime you see sales tapering.