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    Attitude of Gratitude, What we’re really thankful for

    Photo: Sous Weed

    If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ll get a really good sense of who we are and why we do what we do. It’s pretty easy to tell that we are always looking for the best ways to help reach and serve our clients where you need it the most.

    Reflecting back on 2021 is actually really fun for me. Our little niche retail cannabis dispensary design company has grown in ways we only previously dreamt up in our heads. I’ve had the pleasure of designing unique and creative spaces for families going after their first license, hoping to create a legacy company for the next generation. Amazing transformations of strip mall locations into dispensaries that wow customers when they walk in- and keep them coming back for more. Ground up builds where we are involved in the earliest ‘seed’ stages of planning, collaborating with architects and contractors. Designing high-end, luxury cannabis spaces that blast old stereotypes and promote wellness and healing in underserved communities. Creating dispensary plans in states that have just recently gone legal. I’ve also gotten to consult and design for amazing women-led companies that prove we belong at the forefront of this industry. So yes, this has been an incredible year. And we are thankful.

    The changes we made this year to how we work and what we offer (you can read more about that here) came directly from you. When we talk on our Design Map Session calls or I read your inquiries through our contact form, I get great insights about what is holding you up, what your team is stuck on and where exactly you need the most help. It often goes beyond a pretty waiting room or a cash wrap with 5 POS stations. I’m grateful that I can solve real problems that my clients are having though a little flexibility and time on my part. I’m thankful that even potential clients have put their trust in me to reach out for what they need and can feel confident that they will always get a straight answer. We value open conversations and collaborating on ways to get better & do better. I am grateful to be able to connect with clients and potential clients in a meaningful way that makes us better at what we do.

    I’m super thankful for our team and networks. There is no way I could accomplish what I do on a daily basis without the powerhouse women behind me! We constantly challenge each other to jump out of the safety net and try something new and innovative. We call each other out when something isn’t working right and back each other up with great respect. Last month our team met up in wine country for a retreat where we hashed out our goals, and had an awesome time together.

    After 15+ years in the residential design industry, we know the value of trusted vendors who can not only meet deadlines and budgets but take our vision and fabricate beautiful, classic fixtures and pieces that will withstand daily customer use. We value our trades greatly and consider them a crucial part of our team.

    It’s hard to look back on 2021 without looking ahead to the next one. We are really excited to continue to fine tune our styles, innovate dispensary design to new levels and still hold true to our values and core beliefs. We are deeply thankful for our wonderful clients who allow us to push the bar higher and higher.