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    Posh Green Retail became the first black woman-owned dispensary in San Francisco.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Reese Benton, founder of Posh Green, at MJBizCon in 2019. She was friendly, open, professional, and a badass. I’m thrilled to share her inspiring journey here.

    “Don’t even tell me I can’t do nothing, because I’ll do it harder”

    Reese began using cannabis to deal with anxiety. Her boyfriend owned the dispensary, so after a breakup & being banned, she decided to open her own. She tried other places, but was disappointed with either the service or finding what she wanted. Experiencing that frustration, Reese had a vision of a full service dispensary where it felt more like a boutique than a dank pot shop. She decided she was “going to make a boutique where people don’t have [to try] 10,000 items to figure out what is good for them.” A niche boutique with a vision. Reese made it her mission to source the best quality products and provide exceptional customer service to everyone walking through the doors.

    Growing up in Ingleside in the 70’s/80’s (during the “war on drugs”), she knows what it’s like facing steep obstacles at every corner. Her grandmother was a driving force in teaching her she didn’t have to become a statistic and she learned quickly that she could fight the tainted system from within. Not just fight it, make it right.

    “Reese has been a selfless partner with the City for years, advocating not only for her right to participate fully in this now semi-legal economy, but also rightfully demanding that we make space for other Black-owned leadership in San Francisco’s cannabis industry,” said Brittni Chicuata, Acting Chief of Staff for the SF Human Rights Commission. She was a key consultant in reshaping Proposition 64 into the Momentum Program. She has worked tirelessly since 2016 to bring her dream dispensary to reality despite NIMBY obstructionists, heists, protests and a global pandemic.

    “I don’t give up,” Benton said. “I give myself 24 hours to be emotional, and then I keep going. As African-American women, we are told not to be competitive in the business world, and that’s why some of us aren’t successful. We are trained to be oppressed. I believe it’s important to be aware that there will be obstacles, but we should never feel like we aren’t good enough.”

    Here are some of the questions we asked Reese:

    What advice do you have for female entrepreneurs trying to succeed in the cannabis/CBD/hemp industry?

    “Stay focused. Don’t give up, and do a lot of research.”

    What is the most surprising thing about being the CEO of Posh Green?

    “The bills. LOL, seriously. It still doesn’t even register to me that I’m the CEO. There’s always so much to do, so I just have to keep moving to make sure we grow the way that is best for Posh Green.”

    Anything else you would like our readers to know?

    “Follow your heart. Just because others don’t see your dream that doesn’t mean it’s not feasible or that it can’t be successful.”

    A little about Posh Green:

    Posh Green is the first Equity Retail Cannabis Dispensary in San Francisco independently owned by a Woman of Color. As cannabis connoisseurs, Posh Green believes in supporting local farmers and greenhouse vendors. We have dedicated ourselves to health and wellness education, and aspire to always be in front of the medical miracles cannabis offers us all. From flowers to oils, lotions, and accessories, Posh’s menu offers a variety of cannabis products selected by Benton. “Consider us the Nordstrom of dispensaries,” she said. Posh Green offers in- store pickup as well as delivery.

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