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    How to Get an Edge in the Competitive Arizona Retail Cannabis License Market

    arizona cannabis license | dispensary design plan

    The retail cannabis license market in Arizona is extremely competitive. Because the state has a limited number of licenses that can be awarded to dispensary businesses, potential owners must ensure they meet all requirements and their applications are complete before submitting. Those who want to purchase an Arizona cannabis dispensary license for sale must include the dispensary design plan with their application.

    Licensing Application Process

    As Arizona establishes a foundation in the world of legalized recreational cannabis, business owners will need to meet a set of stringent requirements. These include being a current owner of a medical dispensary or being in a location with less than two pre-existing medical dispensaries. These requirements, combined with others like the need for a business plan and floor plan, have made it difficult for potential dispensary owners who want to purchase an Arizona cannabis dispensary license for sale. Owners will need to:

    • Establish their business with a license in Arizona
    • Show funding capabilities — owners must have at least $500K in liquid assets
    • Find a location and provide a business plan with the design/layout of the dispensary
    • Get approved and pay the registration fee

    In addition to the requirements to open a dispensary in Arizona, hopeful buyers must also follow local guidelines.

    Comprehensive Design Plan

    Since part of the Arizona cannabis dispensary licensing process requires a business plan, you’ll need to include every aspect and consider future dispensary needs. Your business plan must include a design floor plan. Once you’ve found a location, a comprehensive pre-licensure design plan from Sungrown Studio will provide a floor plan, traffic flow and renderings of your new dispensary!

    Arizona Cannabis License

    In a competitive cannabis licensing environment like Arizona, you cannot leave anything to chance. Failing to include just one item on your application can set you up for denial and allow someone else to grab your license! Following guidelines and including a comprehensive business plan doesn’t guarantee approval, but it will get you one step closer to obtaining a license! Additionally, having a business plan in place and detailed information about your dispensary floor plan will help you remain in compliance once your dispensary opens.

    Arizona Pre-Licensure Package

    With a Sungrown Studio Arizona pre-licensure package, you can eliminate one area of worry when creating your dispensary business plan. The pre-licensure design package includes everything you need for a new dispensary business plan. This budget-friendly package also includes a significant credit that can be applied toward a full design package if purchased within 24 months.

    The pre-licensure package includes numerous items that are required along with your business plan to complete the application process. You’ll get a semi-custom floor plan that will be designed based on your specific location and includes:

    • Dispensary layout
    • Traffic flow
    • Types of fixtures and placements
    • Check-in area
    • Plans for security
    • Cash wrap area
    • Vault location

    Also included with the Arizona pre-licensure design package is a photorealistic rendering for use in your business plan and future dispensary marketing. This rendering includes:

    • A photo of what the dispensary will look like
    • Locations of your fixtures and lighting
    • Custom branding with your logo

    A Comprehensive Design Approach

    At Sungrown Studio, we take a comprehensive approach to your pre-licensure dispensary design plan. It’s simple to get started! Here’s what we need:

    • Information on when you plan to submit your application
    • The location of your planned dispensary space (complete address or a link to the real estate listing)
    • Any special dispensary design plan features (curbside pickup, consultation room, etc.)
    • The results you received from our style quiz
    • Branding information including your logo and any color schemes
    • Payment for package with credit or debit card

    Book your design map session and get started today!

    Sungrown Studio Design Experience

    Melanie Coddington has worked in the design industry since 2005 creating elegant designs for exclusive clientele. As one of the top interior designers on the West Coast, Melanie has helped businesses create beautiful spaces that are well-designed and cater to their needs.

    Melanie comes from Humboldt County, California — the wine country of cannabis — and understands the importance of a quality dispensary design plan. She created Sungrown Studio to help dispensaries create comfortable and elegant dispensaries.

    Learn more about Sungrown Studio.