5 Ways Dispensary Design Boost Sales

1. Make a Great First Impression. Let’s face it; everyone judges a book by its cover and your dispensary is no different. A well planned, functional and beautifully designed dispensary will make that great first impression. Your customers will feel the care you’ve put into designing your space and appreciate the little details (like comfy waiting room chairs, brilliant lighting and clear navigation through your space). These are a few elements that customers notice.

2. Your front and back of the house operate seamlessly. Your employees aren’t struggling to fulfill the online orders for pickup, because your design is intuitive to your dispensary shopping model. This will automatically boost your sales because it takes out the frustration factor for your customer. If they know you’re well organized, they will come back again and again for a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience.

3. Helps Build Your Brand Identity. A well designed dispensary will incorporate your branding into the core of the design. From color scheme, to fixtures to logo walls, it’s all you. This boosts sales through brand recognition. With increasing competition in this space, you’ll want to establish a solid brand. A customer will remember a great experience and link it to your dispensary by memory if the interior design holds up. And, they’ll tell their friends.

4. Frees Up Resources. Oftentimes, dispensary owners (or the marketing team) try to DIY the dispensary design. They may have a good concept, but execution tends to fall flat. The store managers are trying to accessorize or find a locking fixture without a 6 month lead time. Not only is this not their area of expertise, but it is pulling them away from what they should be doing. Leading their team, managing SOP’s etc. When you hire a professional to design your space, you can count on it being done in the best way possible without the frustration of DIY. Don’t pull your resources off of their specialty to try to throw together a space. Professional Dispensary designers have loads of resources, contacts and experience to take that stress off of you.

5. You’ll want to show it off! You will love the look and feel of your space so much, you can’t help but share it. Social media, ribbon cuttings, magazine spreads. You’ll be ready for all of it. No more shaky photos of your dispensary on your website. The natural buzz that happens with a grand opening will continue to grow. The more people talk, the higher your sales.

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