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2020 is Not a Lost Cause

Credit: Sungrown Studio/Twig

I know. 2020 sucks, and we still have 90 days left. But don’t let chilling temperatures chill your motivation. Maybe you’re telling yourself “October? Well.. it’s almost the holidays. I may as well wait.”

We are now in the first weeks of the 4th quarter. Don’t write off what could be a great springboard to a very profitable 2021 for you. Hang tight friends, we’re not done here yet. Coasting through the next few months without going after your goals is kind of a waste. Why wait until the new year?

October is my favorite time to set new positive habits & go after my goals. If you pretend the new year is starting today instead of January 1 , you will be three months ahead of everyone else in the cannabis industry.

Here a few habits or routines you can start now to set you up for success in 2021:

  • Maintain a morning routine. Remember that saying “You can’t pour from an empty pitcher?” Mornings give you a little extra time to take care of yourself into a routine, help you fill your pitcher and give you the time to meditate, work out, lay out your schedule, and plan financial goals. Whatever needs attention. I wake up about an hour before the family. It’s just something I do now- I feel good that this time is just for me and I own how to spend it.
  • Our family often creates Saturday night dinner and movie themes… We recently celebrated Black lives by mixing up a whiskey beverage made from a Black owned distillery, ordered takeout from a local Oakland Black owned restaurant and watched a great film, Get Out. We’ve also done French, American, Italian, Indian, and Mediterrian theme nights.
  • Set a new revenue goal for your business. Decide where you want to be in a few quarters and take the steps to get there. Spend time daily reviewing your goal and crossing off the list things you’ve accomplished.
  • Pivot your business. Maybe it’s time to try something different, think of how you currently do things in an objective way. What can we do better? What can we do more efficiently? What things do I do now that make me unhappy? What is holding me back from my goals? It may be time to pivot your business if you have a lot of answers to those big questions.
  • Go live on social media. I am personally doing this and despite what you may think, it really does get easier every time you do it. You get more comfortable with the tech and the format. I used to tape cue sheets all over my chandelier so I could stay on task. After going live at least 1x per week for months now, I can collect my thoughts and convey them easily, no papers needed. And, going live gets our message out there faster and more directly than any other method…
  • Now is a great time to set up procedures for your business and your teams. If your business is slowing down in the fourth quarter, use the down time to clean up any standard operating procedures (or create them if you don’t already have them). What are the things you can put in place now to help you hit the ground running in January?
  • Plan your holiday sales now. If you have a cannabis, hemp or CBD product business, why not start planning those specials and promotions now so you finish the year with strong sales.
  • Get a business coach or accountability buddy. Most people will start thinking about this next year, but now is a good time to get some help crushing your goals in your cannabis, cbd, or hemp business. I offer business coaching and would love to help you, but you can also connect with a like-minded friend to help you up-level your business.

I’d love for you to join my Facebook Group, Women Who Lead in Weed. It is a private community of badass leaders who are growing businesses in the cbd/hemp/cannabis industry. If you’re ready to be supported, educated and inspired, check us out here!

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