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Helping Cannabis/CBD/Hemp Pioneers Thrive

Elevated Design, Business Coaching, and Community for Dispensary Owners and Industry Trailblazers

The emerging cannabis/CBD/hemp industry is full of exciting opportunities and your chance to stake your claim in this new frontier.

In some ways, this new industry resembles the wild west with confusing regulations, a caravan of new products hitting the market daily, and competition with deep pockets.

Those challenges allow us to do business differently.

We love this healing plant. And we believe that the opportunities cannabis/CBD/hemp offer are just beginning. Let's get to work!

Meet Melanie

As an interior designer and business owner, I started Sungrown Studio to design luxury dispensaries that provide an exceptional customer experience while maximizing profitability. These intentional and beautiful designs make it easy for your customer to navigate your store and ensure that your merchandise is displayed to optimize your profits.

While working with dispensary owners, I discovered their desire for both mentorship and community. Leaning on over 20 years of experience in business, I developed the model for Sungrown Society. Whether you are a dispensary owner, or a professional ready to leverage your expertise within this niche, this membership program was created specifically for women in the cannabis/CBS/hemp industry.

Design Coaching

Dispensary Design

Our team is a California-based interior design company with decades of experience in the high-end commercial and residential interior design space.

We bring your vision for your cannabis dispensary to life through renderings, virtual consultations, and custom-designed plans. Our design process is collaborative, and our guidance and expertise will ensure that your space reflects your mission, brand, and aesthetic.

No matter how much square footage you're working with, Sungrown Studio will create a luxurious and functional layout that will flourish beyond the common dispensary model.

Our flat-fee, comprehensive design model ensures transparency and stunning results.

Business Coaching + Community

Professional development, and engaged peer support networks propel entrepreneurs and new business ahead faster.

Dispensary owners, product creators, and service providers (attorneys, PR reps, accountants, etc.) who want to enter this niche are welcome.

Our Sungrown Society membership program provides accessible mentorship, peer-support, and a collaborative spirit — and will focus on women rising in their industry. I created this experience for you. And, for us.