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bring your vision for your dispensary to life

Luxury Design. Flat Fees. Quick Turnaround. Virtual Services.

Dispensary owners, we get you.

You have to comply with confusing regulations, decide which products to stock, compete for customers all while facing the stigma and misunderstandings of society, friends and family. We love this healing plant and we love helping you create the profitable store of your dreams. That's why we provide clear dispensary design pricing and plans.

Founder and Interior Designer Melanie Coddington Mesa brings an elegant yet approachable sensibility to her designs with an eye for color and texture. With more than a decade of interior design experience, we’re known for crafting fresh, polished interiors that are as artful as they are functional.

Melanie draws inspiration from her years of working on luxury and six-figure-plus projects. Melanie knows how to make a space look amazing and feel luxurious. Having grown up in Humboldt County, she is paving the way for a Napa-like experience in the recreational cannabis space. Melanie wants Humboldt to become what Napa is to wine: a destination for cannabis lovers, a place where businesses flourish beyond the common dispensary model.

Sungrown Studio

We are a California-based interior design company with decades of experience in the high-end commercial and residential interior design space. We believe good dispensary interior design should be available to cannabis industry professionals who want to adapt to the changing legal cannabis market.

We bring your vision for your cannabis dispensary to life through renderings, virtual consultations, and custom-designed plans. We can help you estimate the cost per square foot of your dispensary layout. Unsure of your style? We can help you define your branding and create a place your customers will love.

No matter how much space you're working with, Sungrown Studio will create a luxurious and functional layout. We understand that designing a cannabis dispensary space can be complicated when you’re working alone. With Sungrown Studio on your team, the end result will reflect your mission, brand and aesthetic. Say goodbye to that outdated cannabis dispensary design and hello to like-minded clients.

Our Process

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Why hire Sungrown Studio?

Four Reasons to Hire Sungrown:

  • Flat Fees
  • Quick Turnaround- (6-9 week delivery)
  • Luxurious and Functional Design No Matter the Space
  • VIP bonuses for Social Equity Applicants

Dispensary Interior Design

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dispensary interior design
dispensary interior design

Dispensary Interior Design Process

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dispensary interior design
dispensary interior design

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Dispensary Interior Design
dispensary interior design