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    Retail Interior Design for Medical and Adult Use Dispensaries

    Elevated Design. Flat fees. Quick turnaround. Virtual services.

    Compliant, flexible, and profitable cannabis dispensary design.

    We create healing and fun environments that reflect your brand and unique style. Our clients love that we specialize in medical and recreational cannabis retail so we understand the unique challenges you are facing. We work in all states where cannabis is legal.

    Speak with one of our talented designers about your dispensary today.

    Meet Melanie

    As an interior designer and business owner, I started Sungrown Studio to design luxury dispensaries that provide an exceptional customer experience while maximizing profitability. These intentional and beautiful designs make it easy for your customer to navigate your store and ensure that your merchandise is displayed to optimize your profits.

    I began designing dispensaries where I would love to be a customer. I wanted open, airy, safe spaces that were welcoming to all types of people, including women, LBGTQ+ and BIPOC folks, medical patients, and cannabis newbies.

    Connect Women Who Lead in Weed

    Dispensary Design

    We help CBD/Hemp/Cannabis entrepreneurs grow their dream business through elevated interior design.

    OUR PROCESS IS VIRTUAL, COLLABORATIVE, CLEAR, AND ORGANIZED. We bring your vision for your cannabis dispensary to life through renderings, virtual consultations, and custom-designed plans. Our guidance and expertise will ensure that your space reflects your mission, brand, and aesthetic.

    No matter how much square footage you’re working with, Sungrown Studio will create a luxurious and functional layout that will flourish beyond the common dispensary model.

    Our flat-fee, comprehensive design model ensures transparency and stunning results.

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